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Baby  Xavier

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Word on the street is I’m the best secret keeper. ;) 

I met this Queen Mama through Instagram! Cecile is a (very talented) local Jacksonville blogger that I had the pleasure of connecting with at an in-person networking event. We clicked instantly.

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A baby announcement photoshoot fit for Pinterest!

Cecile reached out to me in the middle of the pandemic and asked me to take her and her husband’s baby announcement photos. I was so flattered! Of course, I said yasss! 

The photoshoot went amazing and they were so happy with their photos. After their session we got to talking about how special this season of their life is. They knew they wanted to document everything for their own personal memories, so they asked me to also take their first newborn family photos too.

Sweet in-home newborn photos you’ll cherish forever

After they welcomed baby Xavier home, it was time to shift from excited anticipation to the millions of sweet moments that happen in the first few weeks of being a new family. As soon as I walked in the door, I could already feel how special their bond was. Mama and Dad slipped perfectly into their roles as loving parents for Xavier.

The photoshoot was going so well that Cecile asked to include their puppy, Delilah, into a few of the photos. I’m so glad they chose to include Delilah because a few months later Delilah sadly passed away. I know this young family will always treasure their pictures, but having these physical memories of their puppy is priceless.

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