Brianna and I are great friends, so to see her on the other side of the camera for the very first time doing a boudoir photo shoot was a complete honor. 

I could tell that she was a little nervous - which is totally normal - as we were chatting through details of her session. Being in front of the camera, let alone in a boudoir session, can be intimidating. I get that. 



The best Boudoir feels like a pamper session!

That’s why our client experience is so above and beyond pampering! When you feel glamorous, you’re able to loosen up and let your inner beauty shine. So, as with all my boudoir babes, as soon as Brianna walked through the door I greeted her with a glass of bubbly (heyyy!) and from there it was magic. 

At her Reveal Session, she sat on the couch in complete awe. She was smiling ear to ear and said, “I love all of them. I'm so damn fine!” (She is!)

If you know me, you probably already know I responded. Yasss, Queen 👑!”  

She told me her favorite keepsake collection from the session was a glass portrait box with her favorite images inside.

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