Kiana and I met a few years ago at a networking event in the wedding industry. This Queen decided to do an outdoor boudoir session just because!

As soon as she got to my studio, she laid out all her outfits, which were perfect for the outdoor tub scene she wanted. Kiana’s dream was to do a playful, outdoor milk-bath photoshoot. It was perfect for her personality! Her hair and make up came out flawlessly - she really did look like a badass. 



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Overcoming Nerves During a Boudoir Session

Like most women who have never done boudoir, Kiana was a little nervous when she first stepped in front of the camera. To help lighten the air, she and I jammed out to her favorite songs and sang at the top of our lungs throughout the whole session. She was able to overcome her nerves after just a few minutes and the proof is in the photos! We had some great laughs. 

Boudoir Can Bring You More Confidence

At her Reveal Session, Kiana couldn’t believe the beautiful, confident, fun-loving woman on screen was herself. She was in complete awe! The little black book collection she chose that day was the perfect way to showcase her images.

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