Bridal boudoir photo sessions are by far my most favorite theme! I love to remind the bride that at the end of the day, the boudoir session is her special experience. Most bridal boudoir babes like to give their future husband a little black book keepsake for their wedding gift. Some ladies also like to get them wall art commemorating their love. 



Bridal Boudoir is a Perfect Wedding Day Gift

Micaela came ready for her bridal session with all the details. Her husband-to-be works for the Jacksonville Fire Station, so she brought his uniform and hat along. (Which was super cute!) She also brought along her wedding veil and wedding shoes to add even more personal props for the shoot. Plus, it gave her a reason to wear that special veil one more time outside of her wedding day. 

My number one recommendation for bridal Boudoir babes, like Micaela, is to get your wedding ring sparkly clean before the session. This lets light bounce off it and really adds a unique glow to the shots.

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