I admire women like Patricia so much. The amount of courage and confidence that it takes to do a plus-size boudoir shoot is incredible. I constantly preach that boudoir is for every body size and shape. As a professional photographer I’ll pose you in a way that will be super flattering to your body type.


Pompy Studio in jacksonville, FL

Plus Size Boudoir Screams Confidence!

The pieces that Patricia brought in for her boudoir session were perfect for her figure. Her confidence was 1000% and she really enjoyed her time in the studio. 

Not only did she do this boudoir experience for herself but she also gifted her husband a peep show reel. (Photog recommended, husband approved!) Her husband was so surprised with his birthday gift. 

When I asked Patricia if she would do it again she said absolutely!

Ready to let your body confidence shine through?

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