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Spring Floral boudoir Photos in jacksonville, fl

If you’re one of those women who come to life in the Spring, a floral boudoir photo shoot should be on your bucket list! Wiliana had a vision of what she wanted out of her boudoir session. She wanted to embody Spring time with big, bright flowers, white draping sheets, and of course, baby’s breath! 

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Choosing an Indoor Floral Boudoir Session for Your Birthday

It was the perfect theme for her personality, even more so since her boudoir session would also be in celebration of her birthday.

Wiliana had never done a photoshoot like this before. It’s a shame because she was such a natural once we started posing her with the flowers. She was approaching her birthday and decided to embrace her confident, beautiful self as she reached her mid-40s.

We chose to keep it elegant to start. We posed Wiliana with white, drapey linens in front of her Spring floral arrangement and in our claw-foot tub. The mixture of brick and flowers made for a beautiful start to the session! Once she was comfortable and feeling herself, we had her change into a textured sheet teddy and some Louvitons from our Client Closet.

Embracing Boudoir as a Woman in Your 40s

I work with a lot of women like Wiliana who are in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond. Most have never taken boudoir photos prior to our working together. I may be biased, but I think boudoir is exactly what every woman should be doing as we age! 

It’s a beautiful way to capture not just our bodies, but our smiles and style change.

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