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I made it a point to challenge myself and learn flash photography during the 2020 quarantine. So, when Chandrea reached out to me with her in-studio maternity photoshoot idea for the happy couple, I was so pumped! I couldn’t say no to trying the new techniques I had been practicing for months. 

Chandrea & Devin


In-Studio maternity photoshoots for couples can be so intimate and powerful

You could totally feel the love and connect between these sweet people. They were so kind and open to trying my ideas. From intimate embraces between the couple to strong mama and new papa poses - they turned it out! They even laughed at my terrible jokes - HAHAHA. (No really, thank you!)

The moment I sat at my computer and started editing their session, all I could think to myself about was how Pinterest worthy their photos were - damnnnn! These two didn't come to play and they were overjoyed with the results. 

Now we just wait for the big day. Then, next up - a newborn lifestyle session!

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