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Kala & Brandon

Camp Milton Historic Preserve in Jacksonville, FL

Growing your family as a married couple can be a journey for some. I felt truly honored when Kayla reached out about photographing her maternity session. This is something her and her husband had prayed about for a very long time. 

I will never forget the moment Kala told me becoming a mother and carrying her baby has changed her life.

Maternity Photos remind us of the miracle we’re blessed to have.

After hearing some of the details that Kala and her husband, Brandon, went through to get to this point, I made a point to make sure the photography matched the emotional experience they had gone through. I wanted to make sure these photos captured the love and joy they both felt at becoming parents.

I couldn’t wait to see Kala’s face during the Photo Reveal Session. As she sat through her slideshow , I glanced over multiple times to see joyous tears running down her face. Tears of happiness are something you never get over seeing from your clients. And you know she wasn’t alone - there may have been some teary eyes from me too! I was thrilled for her!

I’m so honored she and Brandon chose to get wall art to hang in their home. Seeing these photographs in their home is the greatest gift I could have given them. I am so happy to see the start of their miracle family.

Ready to embrace your miracle like Kala & Brandon?

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