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The Lopez Family


Sue and her family were referred to me for a maternity photoshoot by a sweet friend. I could tell there was an instant connection from the moment we jumped on our consultation call. (Photographers’ intuition!) 

I vividly remember answering her phone call on the way to Tallahassee for a newborn session. She had a few concerns about this second pregnancy, as it was much different than her first. I assured her we’d make a memorable day of it and that having the whole family involved in second, third, or seventh round maternity photos is something you’ll never regret.

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You can’t go wrong with maternity photos on the Big Talbot Island beach!

As we were walking through Big Talbot Island on the day of the photoshoot, Sue made a comment that struck me. She said "one of the things I loved about your portfolio was your diversity, you can photograph ANYONE and make them look incredible." 

At that very moment, I felt so proud to be a maternity photographer in Jacksonville. As a small business owner and a photographer who specializes in working with women - what Sue said is exactly the feeling I want my clients to have. I'm so happy Sue and the whole Lopez family chose me to document this season of their life. 

In the end, Sue stunned in a beautiful blue gown and rightfully wore her crown as the Queen Mama she is. I took her to my favorite spot on the beach where the scenes do not disappoint! Her husband and daughter joined in on the memory making and they could not have been more perfect. I love all the photos of their family and you can tell Mama Sue truly stepped into her own femine power. (As she should!) I can’t wait to continue watching their family grow.

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