5 reasons why you should take newborn photos

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Your little one has arrived or is on its way and the joy you feel is completely unparalleled. This baby is about to enter your world and turn it upside down in the best of ways. Newborn photos capture those sweet details of tiny toes, lush lashes, and pudgy rolls as you and your partner begin to navigate life as parents. Here are 5 reasons why you should take newborn photos.

5 reasons why you should take newborn photos

1 – Newborns Grow Quickly

The time will flash by and you’ll be looking at a toddler, then a little boy, then a gangly preteen, an angsty teen, and a young man, and it will feel like you blinked and missed it somehow. This is just one reason why newborn photos are important. They help freeze this time in your life. Trust me when I say that you will barely remember the days between having your baby and sleeping through the night for the first time in months. It will be some of the longest nights but the shortest months of your life. Capturing that newborn baby will give you the opportunity to look back on those first few days and remember meeting, and falling in love, with your little one.

2 – Professional Photos Hit Different

Newborns only look like newborns for a short little while and their features begin to change just a couple of weeks after being born. Having your baby’s photoshoot done sooner than later will ensure you have that newborn baby to look back on for years to come. How little her toes were, how dark his hair was, the way her birthmark looked, how sweet his lips pursed. All of those little moments for you to look through in their baby album.

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3 – You Will Cherish Your Photos Forever

You will take roughly 5,498 pictures of your baby but how many will you look back on? Will you create a book of those first days? Will you capture those details as precisely as a professional? We often have grandiose plans but the reality is that you are exhausted and doing a newborn shoot at home using your phone is the last thing you end up wanting to do. When you hire a professional you know you’re receiving quality work and will have images that will last you decades.

5 reasons why you should take newborn photos

4 – Taking Photos of Baby Can Be Challenging

I know life is busy, especially with a baby on the way, or here but making time for this milestone is so important. You can’t ‘redo’ these images. You can’t make them up somehow. You either get them or you don’t. I can’t tell you how many parents I’ve talked to that regretted not planning it better or not making it a priority. Your baby only gets bigger and more independent from here.

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5 – Hiring a Newborn Photographer Means You Can Be In the Photo Too

When you bring your little one home there is a lot going on. From figuring out breastfeeding to not sleeping, to all of the doctor’s visits – it’s enough to make your head spin. When you do get a chance to snuggle, nap, or take a shower you don’t want to be thinking about what you’re missing. You don’t want to wonder what photo you should be capturing. You should be focusing on bonding with your baby and resting.

There you have it, 5 reasons why you should take newborn photos. This is one of the best times of your life, be sure to cherish it with memories to last a lifetime. If you’re ready to book your newborn session reach out to me here and then check out our blog on What to Wear to Your Newborn Session.

5 reasons why you should take newborn photos
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5 reasons why you should take newborn photos

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