5 Unexpected Items You Need in Your Birth Bag

The nerves are likely settling in, the bump is amazingly big (and uncomfortable), and it’s time to start packing! This is such an exciting time but getting ready for the hospital or birth center can be a little stressful. However, I wanted to make this a little easier for you mamas so I’ve partnered with Baby Boldly to help make this possible! In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about what to pack in your birth bag!

How to determine what to pack

There are essentials that every new parent should pack and then there are things that Baby Boldly has learned that are really great to have. In their pre-packed baby bags, you’ll find a solid mix of items that are expected and items that may surprise you. However, each team plays an important role during your labor, delivery, and recovery.

The 5 items you didn’t think you needed

Towel – What the hospital supplies is small and crunchy from the bleach. Ours is soft cotton and dark to prevent blood stains so you can reuse them!

Honey sticks – The hospital won’t let you eat in case of an emergency. This is a way to get natural energy during labor without food. We source ours from a local North Florida bee farm.

Thank you cards – Practicing gratitude post-birth can be healing. We provide 3 thank you cards you can personalize for any special hospital staff, nurses, or doctors.

Grip socks – The hospital supplies can be uncomfortable (and ugly). Feel cute and comfy in a soft pair that is still safe with grips on the bottom for your first post-birth walk. Ours is soft and say “strong as a mother.”

Nipple balm – Breastfeeding can be painful. Nipple balm can help soothe and prevent cracking. We supply Earth Mama organic nipple balm. Safe for baby and as natural as it gets!

You will find each of these items in their medium and up bags and most of these items are even in their minimalist bags. Having these bags keeps the guesswork, and stress, out of packing while also providing you with stylish bags that are easy to move from room to room and will be able to be used long after the baby’s arrival.

Are you ready to pack your birth bags?

I have partnered with Baby Boldly and you can receive 10% off by using code “ANGELICAPOMPY” at checkout!

I hope that you found these tips helpful and are on your way to a less stressful birth bag packing experience. If you’re an on-the-go mom then grab one of Baby Boldly’s prepacked bags and save yourself time and stress! Check out some other resources/blogs for the maternity and newborn stage of your life:

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