8 Sexy Maternity Boudoir Ideas to Try During Your Session

The most common fear women have coming into a maternity boudoir photoshoot is looking awkward because they don’t know what to do or wear. The truth is – that’s totally normal, Queen! Unless you’re a professional model, none of our clients come in knowing everything. As your maternity boudoir photographer, it’s my job to help you plan the perfect outfit and poses.

But if you’re still nervous, keep reading! We’re going to cover the top 8 sexy maternity boudoir trends to help you prepare for your session.

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What To Do During Your Maternity Boudoir Session

Elegant Maternity Photo with Natural light window and sheet
Jacksonville Florida Maternity Photographer

Fabric Sheets

Despite having a wardrobe closet overflowing with designer items, our maternity boudoir clients’ most popular outfit choice is still a simple fabric sheet. For good reason! A sheet is a timeless choice and allows you to show off your beautiful, growing bump in a very feminine way. The fabric drapes and folds to accentuate your curves, creating a look that’s intimate and classy. We can pose you in nearly any position, from standing to on the bed. We have several fabric choices and colors to find your most flattering options. 

Maternity Robe In Photos | Pompy Maternity Portraits Jacksonville, FL
Couples Maternity Session with Tulle Gown on couch

Wearing Couture Maternity Robes & Gowns

If you’re looking for a show-stopping touch of luxury, many of our Mama-to-bes choose to borrow couture gowns and robes from our Client Closet. Our robe collection is imported from Germany and is a bit fancier than what you’ll find in maternity shops. We have four color options to choose from. The best part is that you don’t have to be fully naked if you aren’t comfortable with that. The gowns can be paired with nude or skin-tone undergarments, so you only give the illusion of undress. I’ve tried on a few and these gowns make you feel like royalty!

St. Augustine Maternity Photography | Using Fresh Flowers in Photos
Maternity Boudoir Trend Fresh Flower Top Cover

Fresh Flowers

Our maternity studio is in Jacksonville, Florida so you’d think we’d have our pick of open flower fields most of the year. Wrong! Even in Jacksonville, there are only a few short weeks in Spring when flower fields are in bloom. But we love to incorporate fresh flowers all year long! From large wall arrangements to simple floral tops, flowers can add a whimsical, romantic touch to your maternity boudoir session. We are lucky to partner with the best floral artists in town, who can create some pretty beautiful bouquets and installments for our clients. Even simple floral tops, which are this year’s boudoir trend, add depth and life to photos. Just check out Kelly and Michel’s photos!

Maternity Photos with Calvin Klein sports Bra and Jeans In-Studio
Couples Maternity Boudoir Jacksonville, Florida

Casual & Comfy Looks

For the Momma who prefers a more casual vibe, the Calvin Klein look is perfect! Think simple, iconic underwear and jeans with your cute baby bump peeking out. Comfortable, yet stylish. It’s a classic trend that we’ve loved year after year. You get to feel at ease while looking effortlessly chic. As a maternity boudoir look – it gives just enough tease to be sexy without showing too much. Many of our clients opt to do this as one of their 3 outfits so they get more variety. These images are safer to share with friends (if you choose!).

Jacksonville Boudoir Maternity Photography Session
Leather Jacket Boudoir Session | Pompy Maternity Portraits

Throw on a Fun Jacket

If you’re not into gowns and robes, there are plenty of ways to bump up the class with your wardrobe. One of my favorites is to throw on a fun jacket or blazer. Whether it’s a denim jacket, a leather jacket, or something with a bit of sparkle, adding a jacket to your boudoir session can bring out your unique style and confidence. It’s a playful way to mix up your looks and bring in more of your personality to the photos.

Maternity Boudoir Milk Bath Tub Photos Jacksonville St Augustine

The Boudoir Milk Bath

No matter how many times we do it, a boudoir milk bath will always be one of my favorite trends! The milky water, often with floating flowers, creates a dreamy atmosphere that highlights your natural beauty and the serenity of pregnancy. We can pose you with your bump peeking out and the top of your chest. Just enough for a sensual photo without full nudity. Lately, we’ve had Mamas opt for a milk bath with clear water and fresh flowers covering the ladies, or no water at all! It’s your choice, Queen. I like to do these at the end of our session so we don’t mess up your hair and makeup. When we’re done, we’ll help you out of the tub and you can dry off and freshen up in our large bathroom changing area.

Best Lingerie colors for boudoir photos

Sexy Lingerie

Lingerie is a classic choice for a reason! It allows you to feel sexy and empowered in the skin you’re in. Whether you go for something lacy and delicate or bold and daring, lingerie helps you embrace your body during this special season. Plus, your partner can be included in these shots, adding an extra layer of intimacy and connection. If you’re leaning towards lingerie for your maternity boudoir session, check out some of my favorite online shops or head next door to our Riverside studio! We have an amazing lingerie shop right next door that’s women-owned.

Pregnancy Photos JAcksonville, FL

Wearing Your Partner’s Shirt

For those who want to include their partner without them being in the photos, wearing your partner’s shirt is a sweet and sentimental way to involve them. It adds a personal touch to your session and symbolizes the love and support you share. Plus, it’s a cozy, comforting choice that still looks incredibly stylish. 

Now, if you want to share the limelight with your partner, invite them in! We can help you color-coordinate your outfits for sweet couples photos you’ll want to hang on your wall.

Our Favorite Florida Boudoir Maternity Trends

Remember, Queen, this is your moment to shine. Each of these trends offers a unique way to celebrate your pregnancy and capture the beauty of your journey to motherhood. So take a deep breath, trust the process, and get ready to create some stunning memories. Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, you will NEVER regret getting stunning pregnancy photos.

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