Benefits of Prepurchasing Your Products

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Your photoshoot is booked, you have the prep guide in your hands, and you are filled with excitement for your upcoming session! Now, the hard part, choosing your collection. Now, it may seem odd to choose what products you would like prior to seeing your images but I’m here to help explain the benefits of prepurchasing your products.

You’re going to love your photos

There hasn’t been a reveal session in my studio where our client has viewed their images and not wanted considerably more photos than they planned. Whether it’s a boudoir session to celebrate yourself, a maternity session to celebrate your baby, or a newborn session to capture your little one’s entrance into the world – there are going to be so many images you love.

Our goal is for your images not to end up on a hard drive somewhere forgotten about or simply shared on social media. We capture real milestones and life events that are meant to be celebrated and displayed in your home. This will give you the opportunity to cherish and share that time in your life for years to come. Whether it’s a wall display, an album, or prints you will be able to revisit that time in your lifetime and again.

You will receive your products sooner

When you decide to choose and secure a collection prior to your photoshoot you will be able to have it paid off sooner. We order prints and products once the collection is paid in full so waiting until your ordering session may delay your products for weeks depending on the payment plan you select. When you select a package ahead of time you’re guaranteeing an early delivery date and you will receive bonuses based on the collection you select. This can be free digitals, a percentage off, or other free products.

Did someone mention bonuses?

Yes! Whenever you decide to pre-select your collection you will receive the bonus(es) associated with that collection. Currently, our bonus is free digitals. When you pre-select your collection you will receive 5 free digital images at your reveal appointment. These are images you can share immediately!

Benefits of Prepurchasing Your Products

From getting your products sooner and receiving free products it really does makes sense to make the investment into your photos ahead of time. And that’s exactly what your products are, an investment. You have the opportunity to invest in some of the biggest moments of your life, to share with your children, and their children. Images your great-grandchild may hold seeing if their baby has the same eye shape as its great-grandmother. Images that you can look on as years pass and you can appreciate capturing your body, your essence in a time of your life that was celebrated.

These albums, prints, canvases aren’t simply photos they are moments in your life that are captured so beautifully you will want to share them.

Here is more information on the collections we offer our clients:

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