Can I Do a Boudoir Session On My Period?

As a boudoir photographer, I get asked this question a lot. “Can I do a boudoir session on my period?” Let me save you some scrolling and start by saying the answer: YES! Our Jacksonville boudoir studio welcomes women in every stage of their life, even when you’re menstruating.

That being said, we completely understand if you feel uneasy putting on lingerie and doing a boudoir session during your period. You may even have questions on how that will affect your photos. It’s a valid concern! 

We’ve put together some common questions and concerns that we’ve heard from clients. Hopefully, they ease your mind.

can you take boudoir photos while on your period?

Will my period show up in boudoir photos?

No! Your photos won’t show any signs of your period. (It will be our little secret.) We have ways to conceal pads and tampon strings and can guide you to the best ways to do that. Additionally, we use professional studio lighting and editing techniques to ensure that your photos look flawless and fierce.

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What if I’m feeling bloated or uncomfortable?

Unfortunately, we can’t control how our body feels. We understand that periods can come with a range of symptoms, including bloating and discomfort. When that happens, it can be hard to feel sexy and in the right mindset for a boudoir session.

We recommend wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to your session. When you arrive, let your photographer know you’re menstruating and not feeling your best. We’re a 100% women-run studio, so we get it. We’re here to help you feel as comfortable and confident as possible during your boudoir session.

Once you let us know, we can start the conversation. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with each pose throughout the session.

Jacksonville Boudoir Photography Session for Heidi

Can I still wear lingerie?

Heck yes, Queen! Bring a variety of lingerie options to your session, including styles that make you feel confident and beautiful. We’ll help you pick the best ones for photos.

Can I wear tampons and pads during my boudoir shoot?

Also yes! We have both options at the studio in case you need more. But, you’re free to bring your own pads and tampons. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. We can coach you on how to position it so it’s concealed in your photos.

What if I leak onto the props or bedding?

We use high-quality, washable fabrics and props to ensure that our studio remains clean and hygienic. Since we’re here to coach you before your session, it’s unlikely you’ll have to worry about this. If you’re having a heavy flow day, we can take breaks to allow you to put on fresh sanitary products. 

In the event that any props or bedding become soiled, we have procedures in place to handle the situation discreetly and professionally. No one will judge you or let it ruin your photoshoot and pamper session.

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How can I prepare for a boudoir session during my period?

If you wake up the day of your boudoir session to your period, there are a few things you can do to prepare.

  1. Get your mindset in check: Boudoir sessions are about feeling empowered, confident, and beautiful. This is a celebration and pamper session you’ve committed to gifting yourself. Don’t let a little period get in the way of your self-love.
  2. Bring extra tampons or pads: Even if you’re not due to change your tampon or pad during the session, it’s a good idea to bring extras just in case. We have some in the studio if you need extra too.
  3. Wear comfortable clothing: Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing to your session. Whatever makes you feel good. Our glam squad will do your hair and makeup for you when you arrive at the studio.
  4. Communicate with your photographer during the session: Let us know if you’re feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious that day. We will help you find poses and angles that flatter your body, and make you feel confident and comfortable.
  5. Eat and drink as you usually would: If you’re bloated, you may be tempted to skip meals or water. Don’t do it! You need to eat and drink as you usually would, so your energy levels are up during the session.

Period-Friendly Boudoir Photography Studio in Jacksonville, FL

Ultimately, deciding to do a boudoir session during your period is entirely up to you. We recommend not rescheduling your session. It can mean waiting for several weeks for an available date. But if you’re really feeling awful and need to reschedule your session due to your period, don’t worry! Just let us know that morning and we’ll work with you to find a new date. At the end of the day, we’re about making your feel empowered, so you should always have the right to speak up and say “Today’s not the day, girl!”

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