Paige’s Fierce Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot in Jacksonville, Florida

I will never forget our phone consultation with Paige. From the moment we started talking, her energy was infectious. Paige wanted to do a bridal boudoir shoot with a twist. She wanted photos to tease her fiancé on their wedding day, but she also wanted to celebrate herself and her own incredible achievements – owning her own practice and becoming a true boss babe! 

That is something I can totally get behind, so you know ya girl said yes!

timeless Florida bride pre-wedding photos

Bringing Paige’s Boudoir Vision to Life

We kicked off Paige’s session with some badass portraits that truly captured her fierce spirit. As we transitioned into the bridal boudoir photos, Paige incorporated her wedding shoes and wedding robe into a few of the photos, which added a personal touch to the shoot. (And of course, we captured that ring!) 

woman in trendy white pearl crop top | Pompy Portraits

Paige chose a combination of beautiful white wedding lingerie, a white and pearl crop top, and some Louboutin high heels from our Client Closet for her session. We even did a few topless shots that were fun and flirty but always maintained an air of elegance and class. Even though we played around with different backgrounds and settings, each shot was a testament to her boldness and beauty. She was a true natural on camera. 

Peek Inside Paige’s Boudoir Gallery

best boudoir photographer in Jacksonville, FL wedding lingerie photo
Jacksonville Florida bride showing off her ring before wedding
Jacksonville bride wedding gift for husband
St. Augustine bridal boudoir photographer gallery | Pompy Portraits
Paige Boudoir in Jacksonville FL sexy wedding photos
Elegant Bridal Boudoir in Jacksonville, Florida
Fun photo of paige in claw  foot bath tub at pompy portraits studio
Jacksonville brides Boudoir photos in studio
Paige laying on bed with Louboutin high heels
Florida bridal boudoir client in pearl crop top
Jacksonville bride in wedding lingerie in front of mirror
timeless Florida bride pre-wedding photos
I do white lace thong for bride in wedding boudoir photos
Florida Wedding Boudoir Photos light and airy | Pompy Portraits
woman with hair covering bed | Pompy Bridal Portraits

Capturing Personality and Creating Keepsakes

I think we did a great job balancing the session so it blended the celebration of her upcoming wedding and her personal self-love theme. We love to see our clients’ personalities shine through their photos, and Paige was definitely one of those clients. Her confidence, joy, and passion were evident in every image. To commemorate her session, Paige chose a steamy Little Black Book to gift her fiancé on their wedding day and selected stunning wall art to hang in their home. Just a little reminder of the fierce woman she is!

Paige bridal boudoir before and after photos
little black book boudoir album pompy portraits jacksonville FL

Find Out Why We’re The Top Bridal Boudoir in Jacksonville, FL

Whether you’re looking to celebrate your upcoming wedding or yourself, we’d love to help make that happen! We work with women all over Jacksonville and Florida, to help you look fierce on camera. Let’s dream up what your fierce bridal boudoir photoshoot looks like and create gorgeous keepsakes that you (and your partner) will want to look at again and again!

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