How to Prepare for Your Beach Maternity Photoshoot

Jacksonville, FL

Beach maternity photoshoots are one of my favorite ways to capture pregnancy! I may be biased because Jacksonville has so many beautiful beaches, but you’ll never convince me otherwise. There’s just something about the combination of sun, sand, and sweet Mama glow that makes the magic come together. 

Doing a beach photoshoot can be a little different than an in-studio maternity session, though. After my “6 Best Beach Maternity Locations in Jacksonville” article went viral last year, a ton of Mamas have approached me asking how to get ready for their own beach sessions.

So today, I’m going to dive into how to prepare for your beach maternity photoshoot and what to bring with you!

Maternity Photos at Washington-Oaks Beach in Jacksonville, FL

What to bring to your beach maternity photoshoot

Thankfully beach maternity sessions require a lot less baggage than normal trips to the beach! I recommend arriving in your outfit of choice. Most of the beaches in Jacksonville have a few restaurants or coffee shops nearby that you could try to change in, but not all of them do. And trust me, changing in your car may be more uncomfortable to maneuver at 33+ weeks pregnant! Don’t chance it!

I also recommend bringing extra sunscreen and showing up in flip-flops. Depending on which beach you choose, we may need to take a little walk to get to the best photo spots. You don’t want to chance having to step over hot sand, shells or rough terrain.

Lastly, you should have a towel and an extra set of clothes in your car. Not all my Mamas want to dip into the water, but any trip to the beach is a chance to get hit with mist! If anything, it will help you dust off any extra sand from your feet when the session is over.

What to bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Towel 
  • Flip-Flops
  • Water Bottle
  • Change of clothes (just in case)
Neptune Beach Jacksonville, FL Beach Maternity Photography

Preparing for the day of your maternity photoshoot

Now that your beach bag is all packed, it’s time to prep you for the day of your maternity photoshoot! Unlike in-studio sessions, there’s a little more prepping you need to do before you can hit the sand. 

Hydration is key for Beach-bound Mamas!

For starters, if you live in Jacksonville, FL (like me) or any other tropical climate, you know the heat can be killer in the Summer, even at dusk or dawn. Some Mama to-be’s can be really sensitive to the heat while so far along in their pregnancy. You may want to prepare for the heat by getting extra hydrated! 

Stay hydrated not just the day before your photoshoot, but a few days before, if possible. It makes a huge difference in how you will feel, which is the most important thing. My team and I will also have water at the session and can take breaks if you need it.

How to pose for maternity photos at the beach

Eat before your photoshoot

I know this goes against everything you hear models do. Trust me, Queen! You need to eat before your maternity photoshoot. The Florida heat, again, is no joke! Eating a light meal before your photoshoot can help prevent you from feeling sick or faint. 

Pregnancy is one of the few times in life you’ll never have to worry about bloating! Embrace it. Eating beforehand honestly just makes your bump pop and look even cuter!

Maternity Photoshoot at Neptune Beach FL Pompy Portraits

Be ready to embrace “Beach Hair”

Even though my maternity clients receive a full 90-minute makeup and hair styling session prior to hitting the beach, you are going to have to come to terms with “beach hair”. We do our best to keep your strands in place, but the wind can get intense at the beach.

But don’t worry girl, I got your back! A little wind will not ruin your beach maternity photos. Things like “wind-swept hair” and “beach waves” exist for a reason. Most Mamas look beautiful with a little wind in their hair. 

Plus, I’ll be able to see how your hair is doing in real-time and we can always change positions as needed.

Jacksonville Maternity Photographer Family photos

After your photoshoot

Choosing to have your maternity photos at the beach is such a fun experience! We always end up having so much fun – sandy toes and all. After your photoshoot, my team and I will break out some snacks and drinks to toast your pregnancy! (Don’t worry, we will have something non-alcoholic for you, Mama!)

Then, my team and I will head back to Pompy Portraits Studio to edit your photos. Meanwhile, you can bum around the beach a bit longer or grab a coffee. Once you’re done, you can meet us at the studio for your same-day revel session and ordering appointment.

We know how excited you will be to see your photos! And I’ve always felt there’s something magical about being able to have your session and see your photos on the same day. So, we always try to accommodate you.

If you’re dreaming of a romantic beach setting for your maternity photos, let’s make it happen! Ya girl is always up for a trip to the beach. Connect with me by clicking the button below or send me a DM on Instagram.

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