In-Home Newborn Photos vs Studio Newborn Photos

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In-Home vs Studio Newborn Photos

Can you tell which is which?

Now that baby is on the way it’s time to start planning your first newborn photos. The initial few days after your baby is born are a joyous time, full of family bonding. However, it goes quickly – too quickly! Most parents get so wrapped up in tiny snuggles, toes, and bottles that it’s easy to forget to pause and capture this short and precious time.

For this reason, I always recommend expecting parents plan their family newborn photoshoot long before your little one arrives. As early as you can! This ensures you book your dream newborn photographer and have plenty of time to prepare.

Once you decide to get professional newborn photography, your next question will likely be whether to do an in-home newborn session or go to a studio. Lucky for you, I do both and can walk you through the pros and cons to decide which is right for you. (Also, click here if you missed the grand opening of our Jacksonville studio! I’m not ashamed to say how much I love it. There were tears!)

Let’s start with the pros and cons of at-home newborn photoshoots.

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In-Home Family Newborn Photos

This option will always be dear to me because I got my start doing only at-home newborn sessions. One of my favorite aspects of going to your home is how personal the memories become for your family.

Doing an in-home newborn photoshoot allows us to capture the details that studios can’t, like your nursery. We can capture the overlooked moments with your family gathered inside your nursery, with baby in their actual crib, and with big brother or sister peeking through the bars of the crib.

Trust me, you will not have dry eyes either once you see this captured in a photo. No one ever does!

In-Home sessions are great for families with older siblings

Speaking of siblings, if you have other children at home you may want to go with this option. At-home sessions are often more comfortable for families with (young) older siblings. 

For starters, your photographer comes to you. Eliminate that panicked rush to get your littles out the door, remember your outfits, and get to the studio on time. That can be hard on older siblings that aren’t so old (6 and under). And no one, not me Queen, will judge you for wanting to make your life a little easier.

The second big advantage here is that your children can sneak away to their room to play until they’re needed. That helps keep reduce any anxieties. I get some of the best smiles when siblings are comfortable, confident, and in their domain.

Family Newborn Photos vs Newborn Photo Studio
Include Pets in your newborn photos | Pompy Portraits Newborn Photography

In-home newborn photos capture the whole family.

Cons of at-home newborn photos

Ok, now it’s time to talk about the downside to at-home newborn photography. I’m going to come right out and say it – you’re going to have to make sure the rooms we photograph in are clean enough for you to be proud of. 

And that may not sound appealing to everyone. Things get messy! It’s perfectly ok to decide you’d rather skip the vacuum to opt for a studio experience. Trust me, we can pretend my plush bedspread and velvet couches are in your home. Your secret is safe with me!

Also, I’d be wrong if I didn’t mention the other issue – lighting and props. Your newborn photographer or I will do our best to bring as much as we can humanly stuff into our cars. However, we can’t always control how the light will fluctuate in your home or bounce off dark-painted walls.

Now, remember, we are professionals and you can see how beautiful our in-home photos can be. (Not to toot my own horn.) But if you have poor lighting or yellow lighting, it may be best for you to opt for a studio session.

Check out these precious at-home newborn photos to see what you can expect.


  • Great for families with multiple children
  • Nursery photos
  • Perfect to include family pets


  • Inconsistent lighting
  • Must have certain rooms cleaned and prepped for photos

In-home newborn photos vs newborn studio | Pompy Portraits Newborn Photography

Newborn Photos in Studio

Now, let’s chat about getting your photos done at a newborn photography studio. As I said, I recently started offering this with the opening of my newborn studio in Jacksonville, FL but there are some important pros and cons to mention.

Piggybacking on what we already talked about, doing studio newborn photos means you will have access to a clean, curated studio space. Mine, for example, has a plush bedroom set up that works perfectly for catching baby’s cozy moments relaxing with mom and dad. Studio photos don’t mean you have to give up the lifestyle component that makes family newborn photographs so special.

Studio sessions mean renting the baby runway for free

Going to a studio also means you have access to all your photographer’s horde of swaddles, blankets, pillows, backdrops, and caps. (Trust me, we have a LOT.) I call my stash the Newborn Client Closet and my Mommas and Dads love it. You’ll also get consistent studio lighting and multiple sets that you may not have access to at home.

My open-concept studio also has a dedicated hair and makeup station. I know how uncomfortable it may be to part with your baby for any amount of time during the first few days. So, you can breathe easy and allow yourself to get dolled up while I take portraits of your newborn within eyesight. You can get to baby within moments of the tiniest toot or smile.

Jacksonville Newborn Studio | Pompy Portraits
Studio vs At Home Newborn Photography | Which is right for you?

Can you tell this was taken in my studio?

The cons of newborn studio photography

Despite all these pros, studio sessions aren’t for everyone too. As much as I want to live in my own studio – nothing replaces having photographs of your tiny newborn in their nursery. I will die on this hill.

The other con of studio sessions comes in if you have multiple little, older siblings. Having littles anxiously waiting around for 30 minutes or more can put extra stress on you. That’s not what this day is about. 

You deserve to enjoy this experience because it only happens once. Their toes will never be as tiny as their first precious days on Earth. Your other children will quickly lose their wonder at the new bundle. It’s sad but true. You’ll want to remember this time forever, so let yourselves get lost in it. It’s up to you to decide how you want this day to be remembered.


  • Multiple backdrops
  • Access to our newborn closet with adorable swaddles and props
  • No need to clean your home


  • Harder on young siblings
  • Travel to the studio with newborn

In-home vs studio newborn photos. Which is right for you?

I know, I know. It’s such a hard decision to make between in-home vs in-studio. Just know that you don’t have to decide alone. My fellow newborn photographers and I do this daily and can help you find the perfect option for your family.

Our number one goal is to capture your family’s story in a way that you’ll hold on to forever. Whether you choose in-home or in-studio, we’ll do it.

Are you near me? If you can’t tell, newborn photoshoots are some of my favorite sessions. Check out my portfolio of little ones and contact me to schedule your session. I’ll walk you through which option is right for you.

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