Galentine’s Day 2024: A Night of Candles & Cocktails

Galentine’s Day is a beloved holiday at Pompy Portraits, a Jacksonville-based photography studio. Each year, we eagerly anticipate celebrating this special day with women who are ready to embrace themselves, make new friendships, and learn something new. This year’s theme was Candles & Cocktails, a perfect blend of creativity and fun!

Networking Events for Women in Jacksonville Galentines day

Making Custom Candles at Wick

We hosted this year’s Galentine’s Day event at Wick: A Candle Bar, nestled in the San Marco area of Jacksonville, FL. The team at Wick made this experience unforgettable for our guests. We began the event with a sensory journey, exploring an array of scent options for our custom candles. Each participant received a mini clipboard to jot down their favorite scents, fostering an engaging and interactive environment.

The candle-making process was fun and relaxing. Once each guest selected their top scents and combined them to create personalized candles. While one group was immersed in the art of candle making, the other group engaged in a networking activity, exchanging empowering letters that they would later receive in the mail. This added a heartfelt touch, reinforcing the attendees’ sense of community and support.

Galentines Ideas Candle Making and Cocktails
Women making candles in class

Cocktails Crafted by Jacksonville’s Unbridled Bar

A Pompy event isn’t an event without a signature cocktail and yummy treats. So, to complement the night’s activities, we enjoyed delicious cocktails crafted by Sarah from the Unbridled Bar. Known for her exceptional mixology skills, Sarah impressed the ladies with her drink creations. We offered both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options to ensure everyone could partake in the festivities.

Galentines Day Jacksonville, FL - Pompy Portraits
2025 Galentines Day Cocktail
Jacksonville womens events for moms
Angelica and Kaila - Pompy Portraits Boudoir
Galentines Day 2024 Pompy Portraits Jacksonville Florida

Celebrating Self-Love is Always A Yes for Us

At Pompy Portraits, we believe in the power of celebrating women and uplifting each other. Our annual Galentine’s Day event is more than just a gathering; it’s an opportunity for women to dress up, celebrate themselves, and forge lasting friendships. We are grateful to the Wick team for their exceptional hospitality and to Sarah for her delightful cocktails, making this year’s event a memorable one.

Join us next year for another exciting Galentine’s Day celebration, and let’s continue to create beautiful memories together! Join the email list for more information on our upcoming events here.

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