Outdoor vs Indoor Maternity Photo Shoot: How to Choose?

So, you’ve decided to get maternity photos? Congratulations, Mama! Now comes the really hard part… deciding if you want to stay indoors or go outside for your maternity photo shoot. And to make it worse, you live in Jacksonville. We have all the best of what Florida can offer for weather and outdoor variety! The possibilities are endless, so we understand your indecision.

We help Mamas plan what their dream photo shoot looks like every day. At this point, we can tell if you’re a better fit for one or the other within a few minutes of chatting. We can help you too. Let’s go over the pro’s of indoor vs outdoor maternity sessions that you may not have considered. (With a few example photos, of course!) 

Should you do an in-studio maternity photo shoot?

In-studio maternity sessions are our most popular request. Being in Florida, you’d think outdoor would be #1 because of the beach, but no! Moms like being in-studio because it’s easier to get around and has more privacy. (Something to consider if you’re doing a maternity boudoir session.) Plus, you’ve got hair, makeup, a changing room, bathroom, and cold refreshments at your fingertips. We like it because of the versatility. 

You can go from:

  • climbing into our claw-foot tub to
  • standing or sitting in front of any color backdrop you want to
  • Our brick wall
In-Studio Maternity Boudoir Photo Session Jacksonville FL
Indoor Maternity Boudoir Session Jacksonville
Mother and daughter maternity photo
Couples Maternity Session Indoor vs Outdoor
Indoor vs Outdoor Maternity Photos

We can have a fresh flower arrangement to simulate an outdoor meadow without having to trek out to the perfect spot. That’s hard to beat!

The photography studio is also a good option if you’re doing a family maternity session with small children. Small children or older siblings can relax on our couch while waiting for their turn to join in. You’ll be able to see them at all times, which makes it less stressful for you. 

One of the biggest advantages of an indoor maternity session in Florida is the climate control. If your session is scheduled in Winter or the dead of Summer – you may prefer staying inside with the AC. We don’t judge! 

Jacksonville Beach Maternity Photographer

Taking outdoor maternity photos in Jacksonville

There’s something magical about outdoor sessions. Even as a photography studio, we recognize that. First of all – lighting. Of course! Natural lighting enhances your pregnancy glow. We can catch the sunrise or sunset. Secondly, Jacksonville has everything from beaches to woods to fields. In some cases, you can get all three in the same area! 

The best part is that you’re really not sacrificing variety with an outdoor shoot. Want to have multiple outfits? You got it!  You may be changing in your car or in a nearby restaurant, but we’ll make it work. Plus, all our outdoor Mamas still get hair and makeup at the studio first. We’ll just use a little extra setting spray to make sure it holds up.

Neptune Beach Maternity Photoshoot
Outdoor Couples Maternity Photos

When is the best time to take outdoor maternity photos in Jacksonville?

We’ll be real with you, your due date is going to decide when your maternity photos get taken 99% of the time. There’s a brief window between 28-32 weeks that we’ll try to plan to do your session. That way we catch your bump at it’s peak but don’t risk missing your pregnancy if baby decides to come early.

Beyond bump timing, Jacksonville has great weather most of the year. It’s one of the biggest perks about living in Florida. That means we can do outdoor sessions most months of the year. Fair warning, it gets swelteringly hot in Summer. We don’t recommend Mamas do outdoor sessions from July – August. You’ll end up with the glow that ain’t cute in photos. Plus, the extreme heat is not safe for you, the baby, or us.  The best time of year for an outdoor maternity session in Florida is March – June or September – October. 

Can I do in-studio and outdoor photos in the same session?

Yasss, Queen! If you can’t choose between an indoor maternity photoshoot and an outdoor session, you’re not alone. Many of our Mamas want both. (Who could blame you? We can’t even choose a favorite!) 

Let us know in your pre-session consultation if you want indoor and outdoor photos. There are several great outdoor spots near our Riverside studio. We’ll have you meet us in the studio so you can still get the full-Queen treatment from our professional hair and makeup team. From there, we’ll choose whether to start in the studio or outside based on the time of day and weather.

Which is better – an indoor or outdoor maternity photo shoot?

There’s no right or wrong answer when choosing either an outdoor or in-studio shoot. Often, it comes down to your vision. In most cases, there’s no need to choose. 

If you’re ready to book your maternity session, check out some of our clients to get inspiration. Then, get in touch with us to book your session.

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