Boudoir Session Highlight | Lori The Ovarian Cancer Warrior

A boudoir session like Lori’s is the epitome of why I became a boudoir photographer. I love celebrating marriages and anniversaries but when women come into my studio to celebrate themselves – it hits different. When Lori booked her session she was so nervous but also anxiously excited. Let’s take a look at Lori, an Ovarian Cancer Warrior.

jacksonville boudoir photographer

Lori had a hard time accepting her body post-surgery. It was 10 days after her ovarian cancer debulking surgery before she even looked at the scar. She decided to book a boudoir session to ‘see [herself] through different eyes.’ She beat cancer. Having that perspective shift allowed her to realize that her body is magic. Our glam team helped her ease into her session and by the end, she was feeling like a ‘YASSS QUEEN!’

It helped her appreciate the strength her body had after battling such a devastating diagnosis.

photo of woman scar from cancer
Cancer survivor celebrating herself with boudoir session in Jacksonville

When she experienced her boudoir session she felt strong. When she looked at her images she could see the strength, beauty, and power she possessed – scar and all. She battles the mental impact the diagnosis and surgery had on her daily. There is so much fear in the ‘what ifs’ but when she looks at these images they

‘remind me that I’m ok – more than ok in fact. If I can sit in my fear, I can sit in my strength.’

Women at boudoir session with Jacksonville Florida Photographer Angelica

Lori is an incredible example of booking a boudoir session for yourself. There is a beautiful shift when a client sees themselves for the beautiful warrior they are. When they acknowledge their strength and magic, as Lori calls it, and steps into the freedom and power it gives them. Lori is an Ovarian Cancer Warrior but she is also a beautiful, vibrant woman with a lifetime to celebrate because of the scar that saved her life.

Are you ready to celebrate yourself? If so, send me a DM for more info.

  1. She is amazing!!! I am do proud of her for doing this!! What an amazing testament for women everywhere! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. BRYAN DAVIS says:

    She’s one of the strongest and fiercest woman I know. Amazing 👏 ❤ 👏

  3. Lori says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing experience and the Glam team was amazing!!! I truly appreciate you for helping me tell my story and hope that it gives anyone else struggling with their self image and body positivity a glimmer of the possibilities!!

  4. Amanda P says:

    This is the truest definition of beauty. Love this woman more than she knows. Great pictures and job well done.

  5. Rusheeda says:

    I couldn’t asked for a more amazing friend I love the woman you have become over the years. You are a true survivor and testament to what it means to live life to it’s fullest.

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