Plus-Size Bridal Boudoir in Jacksonville, FL

Jessica and I crossed paths at the Premier Bride Expo in Jacksonville, FL last summer. When she and I connected, I knew instantly that we would vibe and create some magic during a boudoir shoot. Like most brides-to-be’s, Jessica wanted to do a session for her fiance as a wedding day gift. Later that week, we discussed her vision for her bridal boudoir session during our phone consultation.

Jessica had a familiar fear of plus-size bridal boudoir

One thing holding her back was her body size; a common fear in beautiful, curvy women. I guaranteed her that she would be in good hands with me as I am an experienced plus-size woman boudoir photographer. I assured her that her beauty would shine through the camera lens and I would be there to help her pose in ways that showed off all her favorite features about herself (and maybe discover some fav features she had never known about before!).

Gifting Her Future Husband with Bridal Boudoir

Jessica knew going into her bridal boudoir session at my studio in Jacksonville that this experience would be more than a gift to her husband – it was also a gift to herself. Jessica told me she hadn’t gotten her hair and makeup done professionally in years, so I was glad our team couldn’t give her the pampering experience she deserved.

As we prepared for her bridal boudoir session, we discussed what she planned on wearing for the photo shoot. I always like to remind my plus-size women to bring something outside their comfort zone; they may be surprised at how much confidence they feel during their shoot.

Like I promised Jessica on the phone, posing is the key concept to a fantastic boudoir session for plus-size women. As your bridal boudoir photographer, I will pose you in the most flattering ways that are best for your body type AND your attire.

Celebrating your Plus-Size Body

When Jessica came back to our Boudoir Studio for her bridal boudoir session photo reveal, she was in complete AWE. She said, “Angelica, thank you for showing this version of myself.”

Seeing women like Jessica love the skin they are in more after a boudoir session is part of the reason I do what I do. For many women, this experience can be truly life-changing.

If you are a plus-size woman and have been on the fence about a boudoir photo shoot, this is your permission slip to sign up! If you want to learn more about the plus-size bridal boudoir or the entire boudoir experience at Pompy Portraits in Jacksonville, click here.

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