Preserving Your Photos After Your Photoshoot

A couple of years ago I realized that I wanted to make more of an impact with our clients. I wanted to help them live in the confidence and joy of their photoshoot longer. I was tired of sending galleries and seeing them go weeks or months without even being downloaded. It was a disservice to my art and to my clients. This was when I decided to add products as an option. I wanted my clients to have a daily reminder and to cherish those images for years to come. There’s a lot to be said about preserving your photos after your photoshoot so let’s dive in.

Preserving Your Photos After Your Photoshoot

They’re a daily reminder

Life is busy and noisy and it can be overwhelming day-to-day. However, those images are a time-frozen reminder of how amazing your life is. Your kids won’t ever be any younger, that milestone won’t happen again, that time in your life won’t repeat itself. It’s an opportunity to see images that remind you of all of the good things ahead while celebrating the good times you’ve had.

They won’t lose their quality

Our products are built to last a lifetime. These are high-quality products that are meant to stand the test of time. If you order canvas or prints we will come to your home and install your products for you so you can ensure it’s done correctly the first time.

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You can pass them to the next generation

Printed images live on long after you’re gone. They have a way of telling a story. You can look at a series of photographs and see a glimpse into that person’s life. You’ll see that you got our mischievous smile from your grandmother or ice-blue eyes from a grandfather. You’ll see your mom as a child, yourself as a graduate, all milestones and memories that you want to share with the loved ones in your family. Having these products means you will have your story told and your memories shared for generations to come. It’s the next best thing to telling your story yourself.

No one wants to think of what life would be like for our loved ones if we’re not here but this is one of the most important reasons why I love my job. They are a way to preserve the memory of the person no longer here. To continue to celebrate their life, their impact. Having your images printed allows your loved ones to revisit you in those memories.

Preserving Your Photos After Your Photoshoot

Your kids will thank you…one day

As your children grow up and begin their own life journeys they will look back on those times and be grateful you documented it. That you invested in it. They’ll see your family, their childhood through a different lens and be grateful for that time.

Preserving Your Photos After Your Photoshoot

There is no time like the present

Preserving your photos after your photoshoot is one of the best investments you’ll make in documenting your life, your children’s life. Facebook and Instagram could be gone tomorrow and where will your photos be then? Will you still have photos from that time in your life to look back on?

If your answer is no then it might be time to book a photoshoot that captures your life here and now. Then order those products for your home to cherish for years to come.

Preserving Your Photos After Your Photoshoot

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