Top Questions to Ask Wedding Boudoir Photographers at a Bridal Show

Bridal show season is happening again, Queen! This is the time to start dreaming about what your big day looks like. Most brides focus on securing their top vendors, including their venue, photographer, cake designer, and florist. Those are critical in the early stages of planning!

But if you’re a little adventurous…or you’re anything like me, your big day planning also includes a big, knock ‘em off their feet gift. And what better way to do that than having a little black boudoir book delivered to their dressing room right before the ceremony?

You better bet they’ll be running down that aisle for you!

So, pause before you make plans to peek around a bridal expo. Let’s prep you on how to find your perfect wedding boudoir photographers.

wedding boudoir photo with client

Before the Bridal Expo

Your first bridal show may look like a sea of booths. It’s best to go in with a list of what vendors you’re looking for. I also tell brides to go in with questions. After all, we’re there to do on-the-spot consultations. You should feel comfortable asking the photographers questions about their service. Plus, we love it when you ask questions! (It makes our job a heck of a lot easier.) 

Here are the top questions to ask wedding boudoir photographers at a bridal show:

  1. What does a wedding boudoir session look like?
  2. What does your wedding boudoir package include?
  3. Do I have to wear white, bridal lingerie?
  4. Can I add personal touches for my fiance?
  5. I’ve never done something like this. What if I’m nervous or not good at posing?
  6. What do I do with my boudoir photos?
  7. When should I book my boudoir photoshoot?
  8. Can this be a surprise?
  9. When do I give my fiance their gift?

Finding The Bridal Boudoir Booths

They’ll probably look something like this.

Wedding Boudoir Photographer Booth at Bridal Show

Choosing The Right Photographer

We won’t sugarcoat it. Your perfect wedding boudoir photographer is the one who makes you feel comfortable, empowered, and excited! They should be willing to sit and talk with you, rather than thrust a business card into your hand and rush you off.

If this is your first bridal show, be prepared! Coming face-to-face with so many vendors can be overwhelming. You may go in with a clear idea of what your wedding day should look like and come out with an entirely new vision.

That’s ok. Embrace the fun, silly, fairytale journey leading up to your big day. This is all about you and your fiance! Check out our article on what to expect from expos.

Then, give us a call when you’re ready to book your wedding boudoir photoshoot. Together we’ll create an unforgettable gift they’ll love.

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