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Have you been thinking about doing a solo maternity photo shoot for your just you, Queen? Ditch the guilt and read how Monica put herself first and still managed to do something special for her family. It might just change your mind!

When talking to our maternity clients, we always want to see their vision to make sure we tell their stories of parenthood. Monica knew this would be her last pregnancy, so she wanted to celebrate herself and her body during her maternity photo shoot, instead of doing a traditional couple and/or family maternity photoshoot. The moment she told me that was her vision I had so many ideas running through my head.

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Why Do A Solo Maternity Photo Shoot?

Monica was already a mom of 2 children and married. She wanted to do something different during her maternity session. She was wrestling with the guilt that it may seem selfish not to include her family in the photos. (Trust us, it’s not!) As a compromise, we all decided Monica would include her family during her newborn photo shoot so they could have their own special moment celebrating baby #3. Still, knowing that she was going to this photo shoot solo, I wanted to ensure we selected outfits that showed that baby bump and mama glow that everyone seemed to talk about during pregnancy.

We decided to do her maternity photos in our boudoir and maternity studio in Jacksonville, FL and that she would wear maternity outfits from our client’s closet. When I asked Monica what she wanted to feel during her maternity photo shoot, she said, “confident, powerful, and fierce.”

When Monica arrived at the studio, she kicked up her feet and let our glam team do the rest! Dry hair styling and full makeup glam are included for our maternity photo shoots in our Jacksonville studio. These services are complimentary to give clients a stress-free maternity photography experience.

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What Studio Maternity Photo Shoots Look Like

We selected our rusted color couture gown for our first look with Monica. That color against her skin tone was absolutely stunting. Wouldn’t you agree? Monica was such a natural behind the camera. When I posed her, she would naturally move into the next pose. It was almost like I was working with Tyara Banks; she was serving the entire maternity shoot.

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For the second outfit, we wanted to embody her fierce side. I saw Monica exude so much confidence during her photo shoot. She wore a fitted body suit with some black Christian Louboutin heels (from our client closet), and let’s say she didn’t come to play.

Boho Maternity Photoshoot Jacksonville, FL | Pompy Portraits

After Monica’s maternity photo reveal she said “Angelica, I need them all”! When she got home, she sent me a selfie in the mirror in my DMs, saying I had her feeling herself all day and that right there is my why behind what I do.

As a maternity photographer, I want a woman to love their body as they are growing a baby inside their belly. Most expecting mommas say they feel like whale or fat, I want to change the narrative to women feeling sexy and beautiful during their pregnancy. I want a woman to celebrate what their body can do and love themselves more than ever.

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If you want to do a maternity photo session in Jacksonville with Angelica, click below for more information! Let’s celebrate your body queen!

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