Top 3 Tips For Planning 2022

Planning can be a task for some and fun for others. But for most, it’s overwhelming and can be hard to wrap your head around planning for an ENTIRE year. Below are my top 3 tips for planning 2022 goals/content for a new year.

planning for 2022

Review 2021

Before you can move ahead reflect on the past and learn from that. Write out a list of your accomplishments, anything big or small. For example, you offered new services or launched an online shop – these are wins. Now make a list of things that didn’t work out as planned and figure out why they didn’t succeed – these are opportunities. Then look at your revenues and expenses to assess if you met your financial goal. At this point, you will make your NEW financial goal for the new year and decide to improve your wins and/or hone your opportunities to help meet that new goal.

Plan/Outline the year as a whole

The easiest way to accomplish this is to print a yearly calendar with all the months on 8×10 paper. I used Kat’s Planner and it was super helpful. From there I mark all of the days that are non-negotiable days off/vacations and any existing projects/client work that are already booked. From there I pencil in things that must come back from the previous year that worked well in my business. For example, Christmas minis or themed launches – these are always a success with my clients. Lastly, you can add in one to two passion projects that will keep your creative juices flowing (& potentially be something profitable). From there you can see how many days/weeks you have open for the year from a high level and stop there. This will help you decide how much you can take on or what needs to be shifted in order to align your goals with your time.

One quarter at a time

Now that you have an idea of what you have planned for most of the year we can dive into Q1. Looking at 3 months at a time helps you hone in on your goals and get them into bite-sized pieces. Once you determine your financial goal divide that by 12 and that will tell us what we need to do to meet said goal. You want to work backward.

Big goal / 12 (months in the year) = Monthly goal

Based on that goal – how does that breakdown into your services? How many clients do you have to serve, should you launch a passive income item, should you plan a special, add in a couple of themed mini session days? Whatever meeting that goal looks like for your business now you can plan accordingly. Depending on your services that will also help you identify what kind of marketing material you need to create. This can be blogs (at least weekly), social media posts, content creation (photos, graphics, etc), newsletters, etc.

Need a mentor?

If you are a photographer and are wanting assistance in planning for a successful 2022 – check out my mentorship programs. You may find one that fits you best.

  1. Lisette says:

    YASSSS! Love this method! I think paper works better for yearly planning. Working backwards is a great way to plan financially too!

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