Maternity Boudoir Session vs Classic Maternity Photography

Motherhood is one of the most empowering times of your life. I have the privilege of capturing Mama-To-Be’s every day and a common question I get asked is “What’s the difference between a maternity boudoir session and classic maternity photography?”

And I can’t believe I’ve never spilled the tea for you before!

Maternity Boudoir Session by Pompy Portraits Studio, Jacksonville-FL

So, today I’m going to break down the difference to help you decide what type of maternity photos you want to capture. Also, ya girl is not going to pass up an excuse to show off my gorgeous clients too. 😉

What is maternity boudoir?

Maternity boudoir sessions are a beautiful way to capture the beginning stage of your motherhood journey. It highlights you, your body, and your feminine strength. With so many changes happening to your body and how quickly 9 months of pregnancy seem to go, doing a maternity boudoir session allows you to pause and celebrate the intimate, emotional connection you have to your baby.

And it’s not just about showing skin! Pregnancy takes a lot of inner strength. My maternity boudoir celebrates your strength and beauty as a new mama. We’re focusing on your new curves, the glow, and your sexiness. It’s not about the skin, it’s about remembering the woman you are in this moment.

What’s the difference between maternity boudoir sessions and classic maternity photography?

While both maternity boudoir and classic maternity photography focus on showing off your baby bump, there are some differences. The obvious one is that you’re fully clothed in a classic maternity session. Often in a gorgeous maternity gown. 

But beyond that, the biggest difference is that classic maternity sessions focus on your love and growing bond with your little one while boudoir maternity focuses on you.

Maternity photography is a much more family-friendly session. Your partner, any soon-to-be older siblings, and even pets are welcome in classic maternity sessions. My clients love outdoor sessions on the beach or even in their nurseries. It’s all about the love you and your family have for one another and your new baby.

Boudoir maternity is more intimate, so the sessions take place in my private Jacksonville studio. Here we can create sensual settings in a bed, clawed bathtub, or even recreate a flower field without having to disrobe in public. You’re the star of the show.

Feminine Maternity Boudoir Photoshoot with Flowers | Pompy Portraits Maternity Photography
Boudoir Maternity Sessions vs Classic Maternity Photography

The importance of boudoir maternity photography

I believe getting maternity photos of any kind is important. Maybe I’m biased…but it’s an indescribable feeling to hold a physical moment in time in your hands. To be able to show your children and their children how much they were cherished.

Boudoir maternity is important for entirely different reasons. As I mentioned, it’s all about you as a woman. It’s about remembering how the swell of your belly feels, and how your girls look amazing. It’s about your connection to your sexuality and womanhood, not just being a mother.  It changes how you see yourself during a time when you may not feel your sexiest or most energetic. Sometimes it’s the first time you get to see yourself looking empowered. It’s beautiful. 

I see it in my clients’ eyes during each reveal session. I’ve had Mamas come back to me for their second, third, and fourth pregnancies where I get to see these little bumps all grown up and help document their family love expanding once more. I can’t describe how it makes me feel but there’s something magical about it.

When should you take maternity photos?

Every pregnancy is different, so it’s hard to clock a single perfect time to take maternity photos. I recommend reaching out to your preferred photographer as soon as you can. Plan to make the initial call to schedule a session no later than 20 weeks into your pregnancy. We’ll go over all the details and set a date closer to your 32nd week when your belly is the most pronounced. 

That gives us plenty of time to have a pre-session planning appointment to go over styling, wardrobe, and pick the perfect location for your shoot. This way you’ll walk into your session feeling prepared and comfortable. Feel free to read more details about when to take your maternity photos here.

Jacksonville Maternity Boudoir Photographer

I would love to capture your motherhood journey, Queen! If you’re pregnant and considering a boudoir session or classic maternity photoshoot in Jacksonville, FL then reach out to me! My boudoir studio is located in Riverside and run by an all-woman crew. 

Enjoy access to my designer client closet and get pampered with professional hair and makeup artists standing by to make you feel glamorous before your session.

Jacksonville Maternity Boudoir Photographer | Pompy Portraits

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