What is newborn lifestyle photography?

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When choosing how to capture your newborn’s first couple of weeks it can seem daunting when trying to figure out if you want fresh 48, a studio session, or a lifestyle session. There’s already so much going on in your life and I want to make it as easy as possible on you and your new bundle of joy. This is why I chose to specialize in newborn lifestyle sessions and today, I’m going to help you understand what is newborn lifestyle photography.

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Studio sessions vs. lifestyle photography

Studio sessions are the sessions where the baby is swaddled and posed in different newborn positions in a studio. These sessions make for beautiful photographs but weren’t what I resonated with. When I decided to do lifestyle sessions it really came down to wanting to capture the family unit in their element with their baby.

Benefits of newborn lifestyle photography

I love the flexibility these photoshoots have. Most newborn sessions need to be done in the first two weeks but the lifestyle option gives us wiggle room for up to two months! Which allows you and your family to adjust to the new normal. These sessions are done in the comfort of your own home and we get the opportunity to capture your little one with you, their siblings, and their well-behaved pups.

what is newborn lifestyle photography
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What to expect at a newborn lifestyle photography session?

When I first arrive at your home I’ll take a quick tour of the areas in your home that have the best light and appropriate decor. Normally, our session will be mostly in the nursery, master bedroom, and living room but the lighting will play the most essential role in those choices.

The beauty of being in your own home is that if your newborn is hungry we can begin with nursing/feeding shots. If your newborn is sleeping then I can begin with nursery and crib shots. There isn’t a set schedule or timeline and I’ve learned to be flexible to what works best for the family.

As always, I’m here to guide you through the session and create images that capture your family. I may need to move furniture, take down a frame, or rearrange things to work for a shot but I’m always careful to move it back. I’ll help you all settle into the session so the images are natural and not overly posed.

How to prepare for a newborn lifestyle session?

Having a stranger come into your home to capture this time in your life can be a vulnerable position to be in but I assure you I expect your home to look lived in and with littles, very lived in. You don’t need to hire a professional cleaning team or redecorate your home – I assure you that what you have will be perfect. My focus is 100% on you and your baby. However, here are some tips to prep ahead of time for your session.

Prep your space. The biggest thing you need to focus on here is decluttering the space. I can work around everything else except for clutter. Toss your coats, towels, etc in the closet until I leave and wiping down surfaces and windows always helps make a space look put together.

Turn off your AC. It’ll be a bit warm for you but your baby will be good and content.

Before your session. Thirty minutes before I arrive be sure to loosen up the baby’s diaper and remove any clothing that will leave imprints on the baby’s skin. If the baby’s skin is dry apply a little lotion to those spots the day before your session.

Open the blinds and curtains. I shoot with natural light so be sure that the curtains or blinds are open in the nursery, master, and living room. There will be plenty of solo baby shots but I always make sure to grab some snuggly family photos too in the most comfortable areas of the house.

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What to wear

This is a lifestyle session so don’t overthink it or feel like you need to get dressed to the nines. I highly recommend solid, neutrals for everyone – baby included. You need to be comfortable but presentable, I recommend no t-shirts with logos or print. You want casual clothes that look natural for being at home and make it easy to move and snuggle with your new baby.

My #1 Tip

Relax. Your baby has no idea they’re in the middle of a milestone photoshoot so if they begin to fuss or cry, don’t stress. They will pick up on your anxiety so take a couple of deep breaths and focus on enjoying this time with your little bundle. That is always the focus. I’m not going to bail because a baby isn’t cooperating, we’ll get shots that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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