Why having systems in place for your photography business is important

I have had a photography business for over a decade. However, what my business looks like now versus then is worlds different. Over the last 4 years, I have begun implementing systems in my business that help me be more efficient with my time and my money. This efficiency has created a better client experience which has then turned into more referrals. All of which = more money. I am often asked how my business is so successful and it really comes back to successful systems. So today we’re going to dive into why having systems in place for your photography business is important.

Saves You Time

There are so many systems out there that help you streamline your processes to save time when running your business. First and foremost, your CRM, client relationship management system. There are many CRMs that out here but are ideal for photographers. CRMs have automation for helping you answer emails, secure payments, schedule calls, and send files. Plus, you have the ability to brand your entire system! The forms and portal are easily customizable to your business and easy for the clients to navigate.

There is a bit of a learning curve to implementing and using a CRM, but once you have it set up, it will save you hours of your time each and every week. What would you do with an extra 2-3 hours in your workweek?

Helps You Build Relationships

Do you think email marketing is outdated? I’m here to tell you no – that’s how I stay connected with my audience. There are many email marketing software, but some are easier than others. Influencers like Jenna Kutcher preach the value of emails and how it’s essential to reach out to your audience at least once a week. I chose an email marketing platform that allows me to make beautiful, fun, and easy emails. 

The templates are easy to customize, you’re able to save your brand colors, and they have a solid selection of various fonts to find one as close to yours as possible. You can also set up workflows based on the form a subscriber fills out. Which again saves you time!

Makes You More Money

If you’re not currently using an app to track your mileage, then you are leaving money on the table. Some app runs in the background while you drive to sessions, pick up supplies, meetings, etc. It will send you a report each week to let you know your mileage. Then, that report is updated at the end of the year to make your travel write-offs that much easier for tax purposes.

Deliver Galleries with Ease

Online gallery delivery service is a lifesaver! Not only are clients able to view, select, download, and purchase their images – it integrates with Lightroom. Sending your client a gallery link that allows them to directly download images to their computer or mobile device is so convenient. The gallery is easy to navigate for clients who are selecting their favorites to download or purchase gift prints too.

Keep Your Social Media Consistent

There is nothing worse than trying to keep your social media consistent when you’re winging it day to day with your posts. Seriously! Between blinking cursor syndrome and feeling like you don’t have the *right* picture handy, keeping up your social media feels like a chore. Having a social media scheduler platform makes scheduling on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram a breeze.

Now, I take about an hour every week or so and plan out my content so that my social media stays fresh and consistent. No blinking cursor syndrome here!

Creates a Better Client Experience

These are just a few of my favorite reasons why having systems in place for your photography business is essential. When they all come together, they create a better client experience. A client interacts with my social media, can go to my link, fill out my contact form, and immediately receive an email saying we’ll be in touch soon. My email subscribers are regularly kept in the know about what’s going on in the business and behind the scenes, and all of my clients love having access to their photos at their fingertips!

Want to know what systems have allowed me to run a (mostly) well-oiled machine for years while elevating the experience we give our clients? You can snag this free guide for your own business and in it, I offer a discount using my affiliate links by signing up for them here.

What systems do you use in your photography business?


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