Why professional makeup is a must for a shoot

When you book your boudoir, maternity, or newborn photoshoot it is my goal to provide an incredible experience from the moment you fill out the contact form to when you receive your products. This means that part of your experience is being educated on preparing for your photo shoot. One of the key elements to a successful photo shoot is investing in professional makeup and I’m going over why professional makeup is a must for a shoot.

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They’re Professionals

Just like a florist knows how to expertly arrange florals, a makeup artist knows how to put together a look that showcases your best features. They know how to smooth skin tones, cover blemishes, and match complexions. They have professional tools at their disposal as well. Their expert wielding allows them to create a flawless, camera-ready look every time. While you may know how to put on makeup for everyday wear camera-ready looks are more intricate.

A professional makeup artist will know what contour, eyebrow color, or lip color will compliment you best on camera. A professional camera makes for incredibly crisp images but it also picks up on blemishes more easily. Having makeup that accentuates your features while covering the blemishes requires skill and high-quality products.

You Get to Focus on You

Regardless of what kind of photoshoot you have booked, you should take the opportunity to pamper yourself! If you’re a mom and it’s a maternity session then you absolutely should take the opportunity to have someone else doll you up. If you’re booking a boudoir session then having someone that can create a super sexy look that you wouldn’t normally wear will be fun! Whatever you’re celebrating taking that pressure off of you will be a godsend on the day of your shoot. Why professional makeup is a must for a shoot – so you can treat yourself!

Professional Makeup Boosts Your Confidence

There isn’t anything quite like sitting down in an artist’s chair, explaining the look you’re going for, and 45 minutes later seeing it in the mirror. When you work with a professional makeup artist you’re working with someone who knows what they’re doing. They know what colors are going to look best, what contour is going to work, etc. When you see that looking back at you, you’re going to feel like a queen. And! The best part? That confidence, that swagger, will shine through every photo we take.

It Will Help Your Photographer

Having a professional makeup application means that the images that come straight out of the camera are going to need less retouching and processing. The makeup will help accomplish what most clients would want to be photoshopped out. No extra processing or retouching fees!

These are just a few of the reasons why professional makeup is a must for a shoot and why I include it for all of my clients. From trusting the professionals to pampering yourself, to making your photos that much better. If interested in booking a full photography experience in Jacksonville, click here to inquire with Pompy Portraits.

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