Why We Included Wall Art in Every Photography Collection

I’ve been a maternity and boudoir photographer for several years, and I’ve had the honor of capturing the most beautiful and intimate milestones in women’s lives. At some point, I noticed a common theme among my clients – women who bought my collections gravitated to the albums and digital images. After digging deeper, I realized women were purchasing their maternity albums to share with their whole family and purchasing boudoir albums as special gifts for their spouses. They were skimming past the wall art because they couldn’t see a purpose for it.

They walked away with nothing but a fun experience, a gift, and some digitals they were probably putting on an external hard drive, never to be looked at again. Everyone won but the woman in the photos.

And you know that wasn’t about to happen on my watch! 

printed wall art photography

Cue the Printed Wall Art

That’s why I decided to include wall art in all my collections. All of them! I still wanted you to have that gift or that special family album, but I wanted you to have something for yourself too. I believe every woman deserves to have something she can turn to and feel instantly empowered. 

And that’s what my wall art ultimately is. It’s you, frozen in time and staring back at yourself as the confident, radiant woman that you are! That is the purpose women had such a hard time seeing. And I wasn’t about to let you miss out on that.

boudoir Photography wall art prints

Choosing Which Photos Become Wall Art

Once I started including wall art, everything changed. It meant that our private photo reveal and ordering appointment had a new purpose – to get women to choose a gift for themselves. And let me tell you – not to brag – but it can be really hard choosing a few photos when your clients look this good.

photography wall art boudoir photographer
Boudoir before and after photo
photography wall art boudoir photographer

But it works! We sit together in a private viewing area as your portraits are displayed on our HD big-screen TV, and it’s a magical experience. For many women and Mamas, it’s their first time seeing themselves glammed up and looking strong, beautiful, and confident. So, we take our time. Then we guide you through selecting your favorite image. The image that speaks to you the most and deserves a spot on your wall.

What Happens Next?

Once you’ve chosen your perfect photo, the next steps are easy and stress-free. We send off for the wall art and inspect it at the studio to make sure it’s perfect. Then, our professional wall art installation team coordinates with you to deliver it to your home. Not only do we help you pick the best place in your home to showcase your new artwork, but we also handle all aspects of the hanging process. (A true white-glove service!) This ensures that your art is secure and ready to be shown off!

By including wall art in every collection, I go to sleep at night knowing you have a daily reminder of who you are. And that’s something I’ve never lost sleep over. So whether you’re just discovering Pompy Portraits or you’re awaiting your session date – now you know what you can walk away with.

Ready to see yourself as artwork? Let’s plan your perfect maternity or boudoir photoshoot! Contact us today.

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