10 Ways to Spoil Yourself During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences you’ll have in life. But it’s also hard work – really hard work. While you’re expecting, you’re also expected to keep it 100% at work, at home, with family and friends, and in your relationship. That’s a lot on top of growing your little angel. 

No wonder my Mama-to-Be’s are always looking for special ways to spoil themselves. And as a self-care queen myself, I love to see you taking time for yourself. So, instead of waiting for you to ask me, here are my top 10 ways to spoil yourself during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Announcement Jacksonville, FL

10. Keep a pregnancy journal

Pregnancy journals are so fun! They allow you to memorialize every special moment of your journey. From jotting down what crazy cravings you have to the first time you feel a kick. You can also add each ultrasound image, your pregnancy announcement, and one day your birth announcement

I know nine months seems like a long time and stopping your busy day to write in a diary may not be normal for you, but nine months goes by quickly. Keeping a pregnancy journal allows you to slow down and sit with small moments. And trust me, you’ll look back at these every year around baby’s birthday.

My Favorite Pregnancy Journals:

9. Pamper yourself with a pregnancy massage

Even if you’re not normally the kind of woman who likes to spend your Saturday at the spa – you will be by 7-8 months pregnant. As your body adjusts to the growing baby, you may start to feel discomfort in your back, feet, and hips. Don’t just work through it – turn it into an excuse to treat yourself! (And feel free to invite me along!)

My Mama-to-Bes swear by a good prenatal massage. It gets all the kinks out while being safe for you and your baby. Plus, most massage parlors can pair that with a hot towel foot massage. Can you say Queen treatment? 

Here are some of the top-rated massage spas in Jacksonville, FL:

8. Experiment with your hair

You deserve to look and feel your best during your pregnancy. Getting your hair done is the perfect way to pamper yourself with lasting feel-good results. Get a blowout, trim some inches off, embrace your curls, or even go all out with a bold and vibrant new color. Pregnancy is the perfect time to try something new with your hair. 

My favorite hair salons near Jacksonville:

7. Step in front of the camera for a maternity photoshoot

As a maternity photographer, I’m a little biased. I believe every Mama should capture this special time in her life with a maternity photo shoot. Of course, you’re going to have tons of selfies and cell phone pics, but there’s something special about getting high-quality, professional maternity photos taken. They stand out and you’ll want to share them with friends and family, or even get prints made. You can choose to be the star of the show or invite your partner and children to step in front of the camera with you. By getting the whole family involved, you create a way to let everyone bond around baby and spend time together before your plus-one arrives.

Just check out these gorgeous Queens!

Family Maternity Photo Session Downtown Prime Osborne Jacksonville, FL

6. Enjoy this time with your partner

Your power duo is about to become a powerful trio! Once your little one arrives, you and your partner will be busy playfully fighting over who gets to hold the baby again. It’s a magical time, but until that happens you should enjoy the last few months you have to be completely alone with one another. Go on dates, go dancing, get couples massages, or get spontaneous with a few weekend getaways! Have fun together – spoil yourselves. This is the perfect time to re-affirm your intimacy and start parenthood off with a stronger emotional foundation. 

And if you need a few ideas to get started, here are some of my favorite romantic dinner date spots in Jacksonville:

5. Go easy on preparing for baby

If this is your first pregnancy, then you probably have the urge to go all out preparing for baby. (Especially the further along you are!) I work with a lot of couples who are experienced parents and I’ll tell you what they tell me – don’t go overboard. Many first-time parents say they ended up with too many items, the wrong size clothing and diapers, or even items they completely regret buying. 

So yes, decorate baby’s room. Buy that oversized teddy bear. Get the jogging stroller. But don’t feel pressured to get everything you need before your bundle of joy arrives. Every baby is different and they all have their own likes and dislikes from day one. Let your baby tell you what he or she wants as you get to know them. It will save you plenty of pre-baby time and stress that you can channel into a day at the spa!

4. Celebrate your beauty with a maternity boudoir photoshoot

You heard me! As a seasoned maternity boudoir photographer, I can say with certainty that doing a boudoir photoshoot while pregnant is the single best thing you can do for your self-confidence. There will be days you don’t feel as beautiful as you are. That all goes away when you slip on a maternity teddy and get pampered with professional hair and makeup. You’ll even have your own hype squad in the back (me) cheering you on like you just walked off a runway.

Maternity boudoir memorializes your baby bump and gives you something to look back on and remember just how sexy you are during this time! Plus, it goes hand-in-hand with creating special memories for your partner. Imagine their surprise when you whip out your own wrapped version of one of these on your next date night! 

When to do Maternity Boudoir photoshoot during pregnancy

Maternity Boudoir Studio Jacksonville, FL | Pompy Portraits

Seriously, they will thank you. Bellies are beautiful, why not show off yours? Book your shoot today and let’s make you feel like a Queen!

3. Embrace feeling sexy

Yes, we’re going to talk about maternity lingerie. Not the nursing bras, but the lacey, silky bras that make you look and feel like a Queen. Similar to boudoir shoots, simply investing in new lingerie while pregnant can make you feel amazing. There are tons of sexy sets on Amazon, Etsy, and other online clothing stores. They have anything to fit your taste.

But a word to the wise Mom-to-Be – don’t just get maternity lingerie for your partner, get it for you. Being pregnant is the ultimate power of being a woman – your power. Embrace it. Spoil yourself. Buy lingerie just to walk around the house like that all day. In fact, get one of those TikTok robes with all the feathers! You’ll look and feel powerful, and people will be ok with it.

My favorite maternity lingerie on Amazon:

2. Hire a cleaning service

The further you get into your pregnancy, you’ll want to enjoy your time before the baby arrives. That pregnancy glow should not come from deep cleaning the baseboards. Spoil yourself by finding a good cleaning service while you’re still pregnant. Kick your feet up and let the professionals do what they do best. It will also come in handy during the first few months of motherhood when you’re busy bonding with your baby. 

I personally love Pink Maids Jax! They make my house look so good and it frees me up to work with Moms like you. I highly recommend them or, if you’re not in Jacksonville, to ask your friends to recommend someone local to you.

1. Hire a Doula

A doula is a professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to an expecting mother. They can also help you during childbirth and post-birth. A doula helps women have safe, memorable, and powerful birthing experiences that go beyond standard hospital care. Think of them as your own guide to what to expect when expecting. They’ll be able to ease a lot of your worries and help advise you on symptoms of pregnancy and the best ways to have a beautiful experience. They’re the ultimate gift to yourself.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many Doula and even have an entire article on my top Doulas in Jacksonville, FL.

Say yes to pregnancy pampering

In the end, you deserve to be spoiled during your pregnancy. You’re about to start a new chapter and it’s worth taking a few months to celebrate the transition. Embrace your bump. Embrace these changes. You can thank me, and yourself, later!

Psst…Before you run off to the spa, leave a comment to let me know which one of these ideas you plan to pamper yourself with!

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