Birth Announcement Etiquette

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Your bundle of joy has arrived and you want to announce it to the world! There are so many ways to announce their arrival now and you want to do it right. Here are some points to consider about birth announcement etiquette.

Birth Announcement Etiquette

Is there a wrong way to announce your baby’s arrival?

The short answer is no. There’s no wrong way to do it. What ever feels best for you is how you should announce. Whether that’s a Facebook post, printed mail, a tweet, or something in between. As you decide what announcement works best for you check out these tips for birth announcement etiquette.

Who should receive the announcement?

If you are sending out printed announcements then you will definitely want to send it to your family, close friends, and anyone who attended your baby shower. If you’re working on a budget then you could do a printed announcement to your close family and friends and do an email or Facebook announcement to everyone else.

When do you send the announcement?

The sooner the better but etiquette says you have up to six months for announcements to make their arrival. If they’re a little late it will be totally fine! People know you’ve had your hands full with a new baby. If you do aim on getting your announcements out earlier then doing some prep work before baby gets here helps a lot.

If you’re doing printed announcements then gather mailing addresses ahead of time and prep your envelopes. Fill them out, put a stamp on them, and have them ready to go once your prints arrive. If you’re sending out a digital announcement then gathering those emails and choosing your design will go a long way to preparing for that announcement. Then it’s a matter of plugging in the information and hitting send.

What goes on your announcement?

When you think about your announcement what do you want to include? If you want to include a photo or photos then how will that photo come to fruition? Will you be hiring a newborn photographer? If so, make sure their turnaround time fits with when you want to send announcements out. An announcement usually has an introduction that includes baby’s name, the birth details (baby’s birth date, weight and length, and the parents’ names, followed by the names of baby’s siblings – furbabies count! You can add a story and make it sentimental or keep it straightforward. Again, it is completely your discretion.

Print or Digital?

There are so many great companies to consider whether you want to do print or digital. Each has their own designs and prices according to your needs. Minted, Nations Photo Lab, and Tiny Prints are all great options for print. Paperless Post is a favorite for digital and has a lot of beautiful designs.

Send them out!

Now you have plenty of tips and tricks for birth announcement etiquette and to make the most of your baby’s birth announcement. Now that you have all the tips how will you be announcing your baby’s arrival?

Birth Announcement Etiquette
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