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Family Heirloom Photos – Jacksonville, FL

There’s nothing more precious than seeing your family grow over the years through professionally taken family photos. It brings back beautiful memories and gives kids a way to track their growth. But the problem with so many selfies and digital photos is that they get forgotten. And let’s be real, there’s only so much room on your fridge before you have to find a better way to keep your pictures. 

That’s why I’m a big fan of printing pictures in a way that turns memories into family heirlooms. In this blog, I’ll share my 7 favorite things to do with family photos after your photoshoot. (And you may end up wanting all of them!)

Family Photo Prints on Canvas

Wall Art

Wall art comes in several different printing options – from glossy images that look like they’re floating on your wall to the traditional canvas prints. Custom wall art is by far my favorite way to print photos because it turns your house into a way to tell your life story. It’s also a great way to create unique, custom art for your home.  

Wall art can be printed in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles. Many of my maternity clients like to order 3-4 photos from their maternity session and newborn session to create a collage that celebrates the start of their new families. 

Once you pick out the perfect artwork, it can help to have someone with a trained eye for design to help you pick out the perfect way to display your photos. Our complimentary in-home installation expert, Victor, is my go-to for this! He can help you arrange your art in the perfect design that will wow all your guests.

Photo Print Wall Art Installation Jacksonville, FL
family phototographer albums | Jacksonville, fl

Family Photo Albums for Keeps

We all have that one family photo album that has been passed down through generations. There’s something beautiful about having these old photos to share with your friends and children. It reminds you of where you came from and gives you a sense of family. In an age of digital photos shared and forgotten on Facebook, I believe it’s important to continue to create family photo albums that you can pass down as heirlooms.

We offer beautiful, customizable leather-bound albums that our clients go crazy for! As you plan your photo shoot, ask your photographer what kind of albums and prints they offer. They can help you choose one that will fit your taste.

Family Photo Albums as gifts to grandparents

Mini Family Photo Albums as Gifts

As much as you love having a special album full of your family’s photos – so do grandparents, aunties, and uncles! We started offering clients the option to purchase slightly smaller duplicates of their albums to give away as gifts. And boy – do people love receiving these! 

A lot of my clients call me back up to report how their grandparents love to whip their albums out to show their friends. It’s a small gesture that means more to the receiver than you can imagine.

Glass Photo Box | Boudoir Photo Ideas

Glass Photo Boxes

If you’re into interior design, this is perfect for you! Glass photo boxes add an elegant piece to your home decor. You can choose the finishing touch to be gold or silver. These boxes hold several of your favorite printed photos at once and allow you to swap out which one is displayed.
I personally love these for bridal boudoir keepsakes, but they’re also amazing for safely storing your favorite family photo prints. I know several family photographers in Jacksonville who offer these and they’re becoming more and more popular. Because they keep your photos safe from dust, they make beautiful family heirlooms that can have more photos added over the years.

Acrylic Framed Photo for Family Photos | Pompy Portraits Photography Jacksonville

Glass Picture Frames

Glass picture frames are great for decorating your shelves, mantles, and end tables. But they also make beautiful pieces of art that can be passed down. The glass protects your printed image from dust and dirt, and the glass gives it a timeless design.

The other great thing about glass picture framed prints is that they can be easily moved around as you rearrange your home, move, or even as you get ready to give your kids art to decorate their own home one day. They’re extremely versatile and a great choice for anyone looking to create their own family heirloom from photos.

Photographer Newborn Birth Announcements Jacksonville, FL

Birth Announcement Cards

Of course, as a newborn photographer, I had to throw this in! Turning newborn photos into birth announcements is such an adorable way to let others share in your bundle of joy. You can send them as cards or hand-deliver them to your close friends and family. They’re great to add to your family album (or be the start of your album).

As your child grows, they can look back and see how much they’ve grown. Plus, turning their photo into a keepsake will give them an instant feeling of being loved and cherished that you don’t get from seeing a Facebook memory pop up with an old photo. It’s a different vibe and it’s worth doing.

Newborn Photo Canvas Prints Jacksonville, FL

How often should you get professional family photo sessions?

There’s no set rule on how often to get your family portraits taken but I do have a few recommendations. 

If you have young children or are expecting your first child, you should consider getting family portraits done every year or two. Kids grow up so quickly the first few years that you’ll want to capture each stage of their growth. I can help you start your Family albums right away with an in-home newborn family session. These are perfect for birth announcements, Christmas cards, and as the first volume of your family photo albums.

For smaller families, fur baby parents, or those with grown children – get family photos taken every 5 years or less. You can get away with longer times between family photoshoots because you’ll also have family vacation photos, weddings, anniversaries, and other special events to fill the volumes between professional photo shoots. Also, our appearance tends to have less dramatic changes as we age. (Thank goodness!) 

My husband and I decided our first family heirloom photos would be our wedding album. To this day, I still look back on photos from 4 years ago and can’t wait to pass it down. I promise you will never regret starting a tradition to get professional photos turned into keepsakes. I haven’t.

Print Photographer in jacksonville, FL - Pompy Portraits

My Favorite Family Photographers in Jacksonville, FL

I offer all these products for my maternity, newborn, and boudoir clients but I’m not a family photographer. There are three family photographers in Jacksonville who I highly recommend. Each of these women has a unique editing style that will make you want to print any and all of the options I mentioned. 

Tell them Angelica sent you (because I love them to know that I brag on them) and let me know which of these print options you’re going to get after your next family photo shoot!

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