5 Fun Ways To Do Baby Announcements

You finally have the magical Plus Sign, yasss! Now it’s time to decide when and how you’re going to announce your pregnancy. There are tons of ways to do your baby announcement, but I believe the more creative, the better. And because I’m a maternity and newborn photographer, it may be no surprise that all of these second as amazing maternity photo ideas. (You’re welcome!)

So, here are 5 fun ways to do your baby announcement with examples. Plus, stick around to the end to find out when the best time is to take your pregnancy pictures. 

unique Baby Annoucement ideas for families with older siblings

1. Stage a movie poster announcing your baby

Yes, you read that correctly! One of the most creative ways to do a baby announcement is to stage it like you’re making a movie poster. This idea is great for families to announce they’re expecting, as well as first-time parents. 

Turning your baby announcement into a movie poster is perfect for social media announcements, gender reveal invites, baby shower invites, wall art, and even your Christmas card. Once you decide to make a movie poster, we’ll sit down and decide what your title is and how to stage it. 

You’ll have as much fun planning your baby announcement poster as you will watching people react to it.

2. Get creative to reveal your baby and the gender

A lot of soon-to-be parents like to wait to take baby announcement pictures until they’re ready to announce the baby’s gender. I love this idea. It allows us to get creative with colors, poppers, and maybe even include family and friends.

There are so many fun ways to do a gender reveal baby announcement. I personally love doing them on the beach, during a gender reveal party, and letting Mama get glammed up for a solo photo shoot.

Here are some fun ideas to reveal the gender in baby announcements:

Baby Gender Reveal Ideas | Pompy Portraits Maternity Photography
Taking baby announcement pictures at your gender reveal party.
Gender Reveal Baby Announcement Photographer Jacksonville, FL
Doing a solo glam photoshoot with Mama.
Beach Pregnancy Announcement Session Ideas
Doing a beach photoshoot gender reveal.

3. Get romantic with outdoor baby announcement pictures

Romance can be fun too! Many of my soon-to-be moms and dads want to capture photos that show their love story and welcome a new little one. They want intimate glances, hands-on belly, and stolen kisses. I love to do this style of the baby announcement! These are when we can get creative with sunrise photoshoots in gardens, on the beach, or even tangled up in a field. 

The best part about romantic outdoor announcement pictures is that they make gorgeous wall art to hang in your home. It’s the perfect way to share your story.

Maternity Photo Shoot in Garden Jacksonville, FL

4. Play up the bun in the oven idiom

There’s nothing more delicious than a baby baking photoshoot. I love this theme because it’s a great way to spend quality time with your partner before the baby comes. Plus, you can get so creative! 

Queue the flour, whisks, dad aprons, and buns for days – the possibilities for your baby baking announcement photoshoot are endless. My favorite baby baking photoshoots include the classic flour handprints on mom’s belly. It’s a classic, flirty shot that will have everyone swooning over your announcement photos.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas Baby is Baking
Baby Announcement Photo Ideas

5. Let older siblings plan the theme

New babies can be exciting but many soon-to-be older siblings feel left out. There’s a lot of attention shifting to the new arrival, so it’s important to let older siblings feel special and get one-on-one memories. A great way to get your older children involved is to let them plan your baby announcement photoshoot. 

Let them dream up how they want your family to welcome the baby. I’ll work with them (taking them as the complete professional they obviously are) to come up with an idea that you’ll all love. I can honestly say older siblings often come up with the cutest, most fun themed photoshoots. 

Just take a look at this ice cream social baby announcement where big brother was the one to show off the sonogram photo. (And of course, everyone got ice cream afterward!)

Baby Announcement Photographer Jacksonville, FL
Ideas for Baby AnFun ideas for maternity photoshoot in ice cream parlornouncement Photo Shoot

When to take pregnancy announcement pictures

Now that you have some idea of how you want to do your announcement, let’s talk about when to get pictures taken. I believe the best pregnancy announcements show off your belly. So, I like to have my mama-to-be’s take their pictures between 30 and 34 weeks and book their sessions at around 12 weeks. If you’re carrying multiples, plan to get in touch to do it a little sooner. That way we have plenty of time to plan fun ways to show off your bump.

If you’re still not sure how you want to do your baby announcement, the final idea is to get in touch with me! I do this for a living and planning creative baby announcement photoshoots is what I do best. Together, we’ll come up with an idea that’s perfect for your family.

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