3 Reasons Why You Wouldn’t Want Your Wedding Photographer to Take Your Bridal Boudoir Photos

Bridal boudoir photos are some of the most precious, tender photos you will take as a woman. It asks you to be vulnerable, sexy, and mysterious all at once. You come into the photoshoot thinking they’ll be an incredible gift for your significant other but you leave with a new sense of strength, grace, and beauty. You will feel like a damn queen. And rightfully so! However, it takes a specific type of photographer to bring this out of you. To guide you, make you comfortable, pose you, and capture the transformation. It’s an intimate experience which is why this and the other reasons listed are 3 reasons why you wouldn’t want your wedding photographer to take your bridal boudoir photos.

jacksonville bridal boudoir

Reason #1: It’s a Male Photographer

For obvious reasons, if your wedding photographer is a male you may not be comfortable doing your bridal boudoir photos with him.

Reason #2: Your Photographer isn’t Familiar with Boudoir

Different types of photography require different skillsets. Boudoir photography requires skill behind the camera but also the ability to connect with the person they’re photographing. Your photographer needs to be able to communicate what they need from you physically while making sure you feel safe and comfortable throughout the session.

Posing is another factor when your photographer isn’t familiar with boudoir. Can you bring inspiration from Pinterest? Yes. However, if they don’t know how to walk you through the pose technically then your image is going to fall flat. There are little tricks and nuances that a boudoir photographer has learned that a non-boudoir photographer won’t know.

Reason #3: You don’t want your wedding photographer to see you in that form

Again, boudoir photography is an intimate and vulnerable experience. Even if you opt for zero nudity you’re still semi-dressed in front of another person taking pictures of you. It may seem weird for your wedding photographer to see you like that.

jacksonville bridal boudoir

Your Bridal Boudoir Experience

This experience is exactly that, your experience. You want to book with a photographer that is going to put you at ease, know how to guide you through the session, and produce incredible photos! When you book with a photographer who specializes in boudoir experiences you’re ensuring that you’ll experience all three. These photos are once in a lifetime. A gift your significant other will cherish through your years together so book the photographer that is going to deliver exactly what you deserve.

These 3 reasons why you wouldn’t want your wedding photographer to take your bridal boudoir photos may seem like a no-brainer. But sometimes, we simply need a ‘permission slip’ to do what we actually want to do. So here it is Queen – book the photographer who is going to deliver your vision. Not the one who is convenient.

3 Reasons Why You Wouldn't Want Your Wedding Photographer to Take Your Bridal Boudoir Photos
jacksonville bridal boudoir

Getting Married?

If you’re a 2021 or 2022 bride looking to book a bridal boudoir session I would love to connect! Shoot me a DM on Instagram for a special offer just for you.

You can check out what to expect for a bridal boudoir session here.

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