5 Best Gifts to Give Your Partner on the Wedding Day

what to gift your husband on the wedding day

Your wedding is a magical day, full of love, new beginnings, and excitement. Beyond giving your hand to your partner, many brides want to slip a special gift too. Emphasis on special! But figuring out what that perfect gift is can be hard.

As someone who’s been to a lot of weddings, and works with brides, I have an “in” on some of the best-received gifts to give on your wedding day. So, take notes, Queen!

Best Gifts to Give Your Partner on Your Wedding Day

bridal boudoir peep show photos for wedding day

1. A Boudoir Peep Show

No, I’m not suggesting you break the “no seeing each other before the wedding” rule. A Peep Show is a small contraption that looks a bit like binoculars. Inside is a wheel of your boudoir photos that can only be seen from the viewfinder. Remember those toys from your childhood? Just like those! Peep Shows are always a huge hit! Not only do they keep your photos private, but it’s a fun, sexy tease before the I Dos. Some brides choose to do a bridal boudoir theme and others go with a classic boudoir to incorporate more color. Some even bring along personal items from their partner, like a favorite jersey, firefighter suit, etc. to turn up the heat.

2. Little Black Book

This is for my bolder Queens! If you want something more tangible than a Peep Show, I recommend going with a Little Black Book album. This is a collection of photos your partner can flip through. After your boudoir photoshoot, we’ll sit down to pick out a larger collection of your favorite images from the session. From there, my team and I design the album, carefully arranging the photos in a flow that revs up the intrigue as it goes. Then on your wedding day, simply wrap it up and ask one of your bridesmaids to slip it to your husband before the ceremony or save it for an after-wedding surprise.

Little black book photo album to gift husband on wedding day
luxury engraved watch to gift husband on wedding day

3. An Engraved Watch

I know, I know. The world is moving to smartwatches. But there’s something about a man in a luxury watch that just screams sophistication! Many of my brides opt to gift their partners a watch on the wedding day. Some even engrave a sweet message on the back. Watches are perfect wedding gifts because they can be worn on your wedding day as a symbol of your love lasting the turns of time, as well as beyond the big day. Even though I’m a sucker for a great peep show, watches may be my #1 favorite non-photo-related gift.

4. Customized Cocktail Kit

Is your future Mr. or Mrs. a cocktail mixologist or whiskey connoisseur? If so, consider a high-end cocktail kit or “presentation set”. I love the idea of a special kit because your spouse will get a lot of use out of it. Dinner parties, casual drinks when friends come over, or experimenting during a romantic dinner in will all become excuses to break out your gift. You and your partner will get to enjoy it together.

personalized cuff links and-tie - wedding gift

5. Personalized Cuff Links and Tie Clip

Now, this one is for the men who love to get dressed up in a nice suit. If that’s who you’re marrying, consider gifting a personalized cuff link set and tie clip. Now, you could choose a set that matches their wedding suit – you could! Just keep in mind that by the time you’re gifting this, they probably already picked out a set for your wedding day. (They may already be dressed by the time your gift arrives!) So, I recommend taking time to consider which suit colors and shirt colors they gravitate to most outside your wedding. That way they can wear it well beyond the big day and no sets were wasted. And yes, I totally love the idea that they’ll have a constant reminder of you every time they look down at their sleeve.

Wedding Gifts Should Be Special

Whatever gift you choose, your spouse will love it. The point of a wedding day gift is to add a special touch that’s just between the two of you. If you’d like that touch to include bridal boudoir photos – let’s make it happen! Check out what some of my brides have chosen to gift their future Mr and Mrs, and let’s chat about how we can make this special for yours!

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