Perfect Valentine’s Day gift: Gift your lover a little black book!

Perfect Valentine's Day gift: Gift your lover a little black book

I know that most of us are only just recovering from celebrating the New Year but with the New Year comes Valentine’s Day right around the corner. This year I want to make celebrating the day of love with your lover easy. The perfect Valentine’s day gift: Gift your lover a little black book! Your little black book will be filled with sexy, tastefully done images that will have your lover’s heart skipping beats. Plus, it makes for a gift for you too!

Ready to be Queen for a Day?

When you book a boudoir session with us you are getting the full experience. We begin by popping bubbly and heading into the glam room. Our artist does an incredible job prepping your hair and makeup for your photo shoot. Whether you want a more natural look or all glam – our girl has you covered!

Once you’re ready to go we will head into the studio and I will walk you through your shoot the entire time. We will cover a range of poses and we shoot in the state of dress that you’re most comfortable in. Want to bring sexy lingerie? Let’s do it! Want to bring stockings and an oversized sweater? I’m game. These 90 minutes are all about you and awakening that Queen inside of you. And when in doubt?! We’ll twerk it out! 😉

jacksonville boudoir client getting hair and makeup done

A little black book or a retro viewfinder?

Within a week from your photoshoot, you will come back into the studio where we will have your reveal and ordering session. You will have the opportunity to view your entire gallery and decide which images you absolutely love and you know your partner is going to swoon over. We have a range of product options to choose from and payment plans available so you can choose a collection that you will love for years to come without breaking the bank. If an album isn’t your style that’s totally okay – we have viewfinders, prints, wall art, and other options that are sure to make incredible gifts. But, in my opinion, the perfect Valentine’s day gift: Gift your lover a little black book!

Perfect Valentine's Day gift: Gift your lover a little black book

The gift that keeps giving

My favorite aspect of gifting the product of your photoshoot is the gift it is to you. Every woman that has walked through my doors, sat in my chair and seen their images, and have held their albums have spoken to the newfound confidence they have because of their photoshoot.

When you view yourself from another person’s perspective when you see yourself in the way your lover sees you it allows you to see the parts of yourself that make it easy to love you. It allows you to embrace your beauty in the skin you’re in right now instead of feeling like you have to fit in some box society wants for you. It gives you the opportunity to view those images again and again. Have a bad body day? Pull out your album and remind yourself that you are a badass who did something scary and came out with absolutely incredible results.

Gift your lover a little black book!

Yes, you should absolutely gift your lover a little black book but know that when you do so you’re gifting yourself too. You will have a day entirely dedicated to making you look and feel like the queen you are. Then you are going to walk away with this air of confidence and badassery that you wholeheartedly deserve.

Not sure what a boudoir session is? Click here to read a blog explaining all the details!

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