What is boudoir photography?

This may seem like a silly question, ‘what is boudoir photography?’ but in order to bring awareness to the type of photography and also help you understand why I feel it is so important – we have to begin simply. The word “boudoir” used to refer to a woman’s private room or bedroom. Now it refers to a style of photography that makes a woman feel confident, beautiful, and sexy.

What does a boudoir shoot entail?

A boudoir shoot is about making you feel confident in the skin you’re in. I know it can be (more than a little) scary to strip down in front of someone. I’ve done two boudoir photoshoots myself and it’s a vulnerable position to be in. However, what comes after the nerves is can only be described as magic.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard ‘I just want to lose a bit of weight before I book anything.’ However, boudoir photography isn’t about you being in the best shape of your life, it is about capturing the essence of who you are and loving your body for where it is right now. Whether you’re celebrating a pregnancy and want a maternity boudoir photoshoot, need to find your secret sauce after a hard breakup or divorce, or are looking to gift them to your significant other your shoot can be as spicy or demure as you want it to be.

What should you wear?

Whatever makes you feel confident! If you feel sexy in some cheeky underwear and a white tee bring it on! If you want to head to some of my favorite lingerie shops (linked below) and get some sexy pieces – do it. If you want to go fully nude and roll in the sheets, we can do that too. Your boudoir shoot is about celebrating what makes you feel confident. That is going to look different for every woman and there is no wrong answer.

jacksonville boudoir photographer
florida boudoir photographer
maternity boudoir photographer

What should you expect?

When you book a photoshoot you should come prepared to have fun. If you’re booking with me then we’re going to kick off with some bubbly and professional hair/make-up. When my hair/make-up artist is finished you’re going to be blown away by the transformation. We are going to enhance your natural beauty and highlight all of your best assets.

Speaking of which, I know posing can seem daunting but I assure you that I’ll be there guiding you through every step of the way. Whether you chose lingerie, a t-shirt, nude, or nude implied I will tell you how to pose from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. In fact, plan on being a bit sore the day after our session!

jacksonville boudoir photoshoot

Whenever I have a reveal session I often hear the words ‘that’s me?!’ ‘oh my goodness! I had no idea I looked like that!’ ‘how did you do it?!’

My answer? I only showcased what you already had. You are the only that brought the fire, the spice, and left with the confidence to take on the world.

So, what is boudoir photography?

It’s what you need it to be. It’s a photoshoot where we celebrate the woman you are. The obstacles you’ve overcome. The milestones in your life. The beauty you behold. And the fierceness you possess. The last thing it is about is your size.

Are you ready for your close-up?

Reach out for a call here.

  1. Alex says:

    This was really good. Lots of women have questions and you gave great details of what to expect.

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