Celebrating This Breast Cancer Survivor With Boudoir Photography | Part One

Meet Carmen! She and I connected on Instagram. Carmen reached out after seeing my boudoir session with an ovarian cancer survivor, Lori. Lori’s story about surviving cancer and embracing her body moved her and she felt pulled to share her own tale of breast cancer survival. 

Beating Breast Cancer Stories of Women Who Survived

I should probably have started off by saying Carmen is a breast cancer survivor. But really, I don’t see cancer when I look at her – she’s so much more than that! Carmen is energetic, funny, sexy, and strong as hell. She’s a fighter, and she had a vision for an ultra-empowering set of boudoir photoshoots to document her battle (and victory) with breast cancer. 

Carmen Boudoir Photography Studio Pompy Portraits Jacksonville FL

Taking Boudoir Photos After Breast Cancer

The first session was planned after her mastectomy. She wanted to show the world her femininity and strength were still intact post-operation. To have a physical reminder showing she was a fighter in this season of her life, and that she won. Cancer could never knock it out of her. 

The second boudoir session will happen after her breast augmentation. A sort of full-circle photographed memoir of her body.

We’ve only completed her first session, but I got Carmen’s permission to share her story and photos before the second photoshoot. She wants women to see her and realize how beautiful survival looks, with or without augmentation. She knows 264,000 women need to hear her story every year as a reminder to keep fighting.

Breast Cancer Survivor Boudoir after Mastectomy

Pink, Pearls & Punches

To prepare for the first boudoir photos, Carmen found a pair of blush pink boxing gloves. They were so cute! She felt comfortable doing a topless session, so we were able to use the gloves to pose her in ways that convey soft, strong, and sensual. During the second half, we kicked it up with a chich outfit change by adding pearls and a pink bralette.

She looks so stunning!

Carmen Boudoir Photo Memoir

Do you have a story to tell?

Honestly, I’m moved as hell just remembering our time together! Carmen is a superwoman and I’m just so damn proud she allowed me to share her victory. I told her we were going to be friends by the end of her shoot (and we are!).

Are you ready to celebrate yourself? If so, send me a note for more info.

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