Do I Have To Be Completely Nude For Boudoir Photos?

Want to get boudoir photos but don’t want to get completely nude? No problem, Queen! You may be surprised, but boudoir is not about getting naked. It’s not even about being overly sexual. It’s about celebrating yourself.

That means celebrating yourself in the way you want to.

Lots of women come into our studio who don’t want to get fully naked. We’ve come up with some pretty creative ways to keep it modest, while still making you look great. Take a look at some of our favorite ways to cover up during a boudoir session, and let us know which you want to do in your initial consultation!

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Creative Ways to Cover Up for Boudoir Photos

Using A Sheet

Using a sheet is one of our clients’ favorite ways to cover up. It’s so versatile! We have a crinkly sheet that we can wrap around you. Stay standing, play up poses on the floor or even the bed. Whatever you’re comfortable with!

Since we run a closed studio, meaning no one outside can see you, with only female staff it’s up to you if you want to wear skin-colored underwear or be naked under the sheet. We can always help you hide bra straps between poses or edit them out entirely. 

Boudoir with Satin Sheet - How to avoid nudity in boudoir
Do I have to be naked in boudoir photos

Wearing Lingerie in Your Boudoir Photos

Ninety percent of our clients wear lingerie in their boudoir photos. It adds a sexy element to photos while allowing you to cover up. Lingerie comes in all shapes, sizes, and levels of modesty. If you want the illusion of being naked without actually being naked you can wear nude-colored underwear. Teddies, babydolls, and robes are all great lingerie options because they cover up all or most of the areas you may want to keep under wraps. We even encourage you to look into bodysuits! Many of our clients, especially our maternity boudoir clients, wear full bodysuits to their boudoir photo sessions. If you need help picking some out, ask us in your consultation or check out our favorite online lingerie shops.

Boudoir with silk satin robe
Jacksonville Maternity Photographer
Jacksonville Boudoir Photographer

Let Us Pose You

Our job is to make you comfortable during your session. Tell us what you are and are not comfortable with. Then, we’ll guide you into positions that highlight your favorite features and hide things you don’t want seen. We can create implied nudity or keep it cute and fun without a hint of risque. Plus, not being naked doesn’t limit you. You can still use any of our boudoir stations. We’ll help you move around and find positions you’re comfortable in.

No Nudity in Boudoir Photos

Fresh Flowers

Confession – ya girls NEVER miss an opportunity to get fresh flowers in the studio! Flowers and plants make great props to use in boudoir photos. We can put you in some nude underwear and arrange the flowers to cover up parts you don’t want shown. If you want to get more crazy, we can have the ladies at Simply Florals by Amanda create you a custom floral installment, like an arch of flowers or a whole set of beautiful baby’s breaths like Williana did for her 40th birthday. We can even get unbound flowers so you can still pose against the wall, in the tub, or on the floor. If you love the look of people taking photos in a field, you’ll love what we can do with a flower-centered boudoir session.

birthday boudoir photo shoot Jacksonville, FL
What to wear in wedding boudoir photos

Jackets, Jeans & Jerseys

Did you know you can still wear jackets, jeans, or even sports jerseys in your boudoir photos? You can! We’ve had brides come in wearing their fiance’s favorite sports jerseys. (The Jacksonville Jaguars, of course!) We’ve had birthday boudoir babes rock denim jeans and a bra for their session. We’ve even had a woman bring in her husband’s firefighter’s gear once! There’s no rules saying what you can or can’t wear for boudoir.

Boudoir for husband who is a sports fan

Bottom Line: Your Bottom Doesn’t Have To Show

You never have to be nude in boudoir photos. You can still walk away feeling beautiful, which is our whole goal for you. We want you to feel beautiful in your skin, but you don’t have to show skin to do it. Boudoir is about you, after all. So, you call the shots.

And you don’t have to decide alone. Let us know your vision and we’ll help you plan and prepare for the perfect session.

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