Top 5 Locations for a Maternity Session

Choosing a location for your maternity session can seem like a daunting task. There are so many great locations in Jacksonville and each has their own aesthetic. I love helping my clients choose locations that will give them the best experience possible. Whether you want an edgy, urban maternity shoot or a soft and sweet shoot on the beach – I have you covered. Here are my top 5 locations for a maternity session.

#1 – Big Talbot Island

Big Talbot Island is one of our favorite locations for maternity sessions. It has everything you could want for a beach photoshoot. Gorgeous dunes, BlackRock beach with little pools of sealife, and magnificent driftwood scattered across the shore. Each element of the park allows us to create a diverse gallery of images without moving our location.

Fees: $3 parking

#2 – Cummer Museum

Cummer Museum boasts a variety of locations on their grounds for an incredible maternity photoshoot experience. Their expansive gardens hosts beautiful incredible landscape design and horticulture. The gardens are along the banks of the St. John River and has been around for over 100 years. There is a lot of history to be explored here.

The art museum is just as impressive as the gardens. Their permanent collection spans from 2100 B.C. through the 21st century with other temporary exhibitions rotated throughout the year. This location is perfect for the couple looking for a photoshoot that’s out of the box. I always picture mama in a beautiful, sweeping black gown and dad in a handsome suit as we navigate the gardens.

Things to consider: The museum does not allow props so we would not be able to bring ballons, confetti, letterboards, etc. You will also need to come to the museum dressed and ready to go as you won’t be able to change on site.

#3 – Howell Park

Howell Park is a laid back space with lots of nature trails, flowing streams, and tall, handsome oaks. This location is perfect for the parents looking to have a quiet and tender shoot to celebrate their new baby. There are plenty of different locations to choose from throughout the park and it’s close enough to the beach that most couples opt to hop over to the shore and snap a few images on the beach too.

#4 – Washington Oaks

Washington Oaks is a beautiful state park that has cultivated a garden full of native and non-native plant species to display. The gardens offers serene walking paths that wind around reflection ponds. Washington Oaks is also home to a unique shoreline of coquina rock. This rock formation is ideal for your photoshoot. This location allows for so many amazing shots in one place. It’s no surprise that this location lanedd in our top 5 locations for a maternity session.

#5 – Camp Milton

Camp Milton is a hike lovers dream. One of the best hiking trails in Florida, Camp Milton is perfect for an adventurous couple. This park has an arboretum of historical trees, wetlands, hiking trails, and tons of history to peruse as we walk through the park. If this sounds like its up your alley except for the hiking we can capture amazing photos without all of the hiking.

Choosing your location

These are my top 5 locations for a maternity session for obvious reasons. They serve a range of clients based on the kind of experience you want to have and offer multiple backgrounds all in one place. Now you just have to decide! If you’re torn between two places we can discuss your vision for your photoshoot on your planning call and see which location fits that vision best. And of course, if you have another location in mind then don’t hesitate to bring it up! I love bringing your vision to life. Click here if you want more information on booking a maternity session.

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