Why location is key for your session

Jacksonville, Florida

Do you have a vision for your photoshoot? The outfit, the vibe, the location? Or are you unsure of anything except that you want this milestone in your life captured? In either scenario, the location we choose is going to play an integral role in your photoshoot. Keep reading to see why location is key for your session.

Your location will set the mood

Location is going to help achieve the look and mood you’re going for. If you’re looking for a place to make a sweet baby announcement then a park is going to be a great option. If you’re looking to take some sexy maternity photos with your partner then the beach will be a good fit. You will want to consider the goal of your photoshoot and that will help determine the best location.

Choose a location that’s meaningful

Celebrating a milestone in your life is incredible! You should love the location you choose. I love when clients choose locations based on it meaning something special to them. How sweet would it be to take maternity pictures where you had your first date? In the park that you grew up going to with your parents? When you consider locations think of the ones that resonate with you and your partner. Come up with a list of at least 5 and then narrow it down from there. If you book with us I will 100% help you with this process!

Things to keep in mind

It’s important to consider a few key things when choosing your location:

  • Accessibility
    • If you’re booking a maternity session I always caution my expecting moms to choose a location that’s easy to get to. When you’re in that last trimester you’re going to get tired pretty quickly. I don’t recommend any location that has a significant walk, stairs, or incline.
  • Permit
    • If you’re wanting a location at a public park, conservatory, aquarium, etc then we likely need a permit and there may be an additional cost incurred.
  • Bringing your doggo?
    • If you’re planning on bringing Fido then be sure that your location allows dogs. You’ll also want to have their vet recods on hand, plan on keeping them leashed, and bring an extra set of hands to help with him/her when he/she are not apart of the images.

I’ll help you choose!

I hope this has been helpful on why location is key for your session. When you book with Pompy Portraits I make this process as easy as possible. We’ll hop on a call leading up to your photoshoot and go over all of your options and which fits best.

If you’re interested in working with Angelica you can reach out to us here. She is an expert at finding incredible Jacksonville spots to fit the vibe you’re going for!

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