When To Give Your Fiancé Their Wedding Gift

Planning to gift your fiance something special for your wedding? I love this idea! Just keep in mind that the big day can get chaotic. It’s important to decide ahead of time when you’ll give your wedding gift. 

Now, I’ll be the first to speak up and say – there’s no perfect time to give your fiance their wedding gift. However…girl to girl…as a bridal boudoir photographer I have been tipped off on three highly recommended times by clients. And you know Imma pass them on to you!

Let’s talk about them!

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Exchange Gifts While Getting Ready

Exchanging gifts while getting ready is a great way to connect with each other before heading down the aisle. If you’re gifting boudoir photos, it can also be a playful tease for what’s to come after the wedding. If you’re gifting something your fiance can wear down the aisle, this gives them a last-minute chance to pin it on before taking that walk.

Just be warned, this option is going to take a little help from family and friends! You’ll need to enlist someone from your bridal party and someone from his to do the handoff. It also means you’ll need to decide if you’re going to open the gift in front of your bridal party or in private. Regardless of whether it’s private or public, make sure your photographer and video team know when you’re exchanging gifts. This way they can capture both of your reactions.

|   Pro Tip: If you’re gifting a boudoir peep show or album to your fiance, you may want to add a card that warns them to open it in private, or at least away from their groomsmen. Trust me, Queen! You want to see his SOLO reaction in a photo, not him and his buddies.

Bridal Boudoir Peep Show - Bride and Groom Wedding Gift Exchange

During the First Look

Want to see your partner’s reaction up close? Many of my brides opt to exchange their wedding gifts with their partner during the First Look. A First Look is a private moment before the ceremony when you both reveal yourselves to each other. (It’s typically captured by your photographer too!) First Looks are beautiful, emotional moments where you two can be alone with each other on your wedding day. Sometimes they’re the only time you can be alone the entire day. They are always filled with happy tears and stolen kisses. Another big bonus to doing a face-to-face gift exchange is that you can see your partner’s reaction for yourself. It’s priceless.

What to gift him on your wedding day

Save your wedding present for the honeymoon

Stay with me on this one – I know it’s called a wedding gift for a reason! However, imagine gifting a boudoir album to your new husband on the first night of your honeymoon…while wearing one of the outfits from the photo shoot. Can you picture it?! His jaw’s going to be on the floor! It’s a spicy option, but each of my brides who have chosen to hold off until the honeymoon has told me it was well worth it. You decide for yourself! 

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There’s no traditional time to give your fiance their wedding gift

Let me say this again. Throw all those articles about tradition away. It’s 2023 and this is your wedding. My best piece of advice to give you is to choose based on what you’re gifting and when you want them to receive it. 

If you’re going with a gift they can wear on the wedding day, do the exchange before your ceremony. That makes sense. If you’re gifting something they can enjoy every day of the damn year, like boudoir photos, then anytime is the right time! Your future Mr. is going to love whatever you give them. I can’t wait to hear all about it. For more ideas on what to gift your fiance, check out our last blog with 5 of our client’s top-rated gift ideas.

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