Why Booking a Boudoir Photoshoot Is a Form of Self-Care

There are a lot of articles on how a woman can perform self-care practices. I believe in all of them, but one that doesn’t get talked about enough is self-care for your self-confidence. It’s not all about facials and massages, you have to learn to take care of how you view yourself. 

And girl, it can get rough trying to prioritize that! I specialize in empowering women through photography and I still have to remind myself to take care of ME.

So if you’re in the same boat, I want to offer a new self-care experience you can have that you may not have tried before.

Booking a boudoir photoshoot!

As a professional boudoir photographer in Jacksonville, FL, I’ve seen my fair share of women crying and walking out of the studio with a new view of themselves. But if you need a little convincing on why boudoir is a great form of self-care, let’s dig into it!

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It’s an excuse to pamper yourself

When you think of pampering yourself, you may think of getting your hair done, going to a spa, or sitting at home with a facemask. They rarely happen at the same, and if you’re honest with yourself, you probably don’t pamper yourself nearly enough! 

Boudoir photoshoots are a great excuse to pamper yourself. Not only do you get to dress up, but you get 90 minutes of professional hair styling and makeup before your session. Once you feel like a Queen, you get to step into our private Client Closet to choose your favorite designer shoes and accessories. 

The ten-year-old you who watched Carrie Bradshaw step into her swoon-worthy closet would be doing cartwheels. And the you today can get just as excited that you treated yourself to something so luxurious.

Boudoir photoshoots boost your self confidence

A common misconception about boudoir is that is all about getting a sexy photo. That’s not true at all. Boudoir is a beautiful and vulnerable art. It highlights your best features and captures you in ways you wouldn’t normally notice. 

Most of the women who walk into my studio walk out seeing themselves in a whole new light. Their confidence is raised and their view of themselves shifts. They finally notice the beauty the rest of us have seen the entire time. 

Just ask my beautiful boudoir babe, Shamia!

“Angelica was very professional. She really helped me get my confidence back as a woman. The experience was fun and I would recommend any woman to do it. I feel like a different woman looking at the photos she took of me. You will not be disappointed!”


They help you celebrate life milestones

Life goes by way too fast, and it’s easy to forget to stop and embrace who you are at that moment. But you’ll want to remember down the road. In fact, there are certain life milestones that you deserve to take time out to celebrate yourself.

Major life milestones like celebrating a birthday, pregnancy, getting married, body confidence journeys, or even beating Ovarian Cancer are all reasons to pause and reflect. Women have stood in front of my lens for a boudoir photoshoot for all of these reasons! And why not?! What better way to see yourself at that moment and create a life-long memory than a photoshoot that focuses solely on you?

Boudoir photoshoots are fun!

Plain and simple! Boudoir photoshoots are a great way to let loose and have fun. Even if you’re not 100% confident in your skin before the session, you will be because you’re going to be more focused on having fun than striking the perfect pose. 

I take great care to create a woman-empowering environment in my studio. We turn on the music, dance, laugh, and drink a little champagne. If these walls could talk, they would probably keep a tally of how many times I’ve twerked around the studio. (It’s probably a good thing they can’t!) And somewhere between letting go and enjoying the experience, my team and I direct you into the best poses to highlight your beauty. So You don’t even have to think about what to do. 

Your job is to just enjoy your time and thank yourself for saying YES to booking a boudoir photoshoot later!

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Self-care can look like anything…why not a boudoir photoshoot?

Ultimately, self-care is about taking time out to take care of yourself. Take care of your mind, your body, and your soul. Boudoir allows you to do that in a way a sheet mask never can. It combines physical pampering with a way to step into the woman you want to be.

It’s not just about getting dressed up in front of my camera, Queen. It’s about letting yourself love who you are. You deserve that. When you’re ready, my team and I are here to help you do that.

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