5 Powerful Reasons to Do a Boudoir Photo Shoot for YOURself

Considering doing a boudoir photo shoot just for you? If so, you’re in the right place, Queen! We love seeing women taking time out to celebrate themselves beyond basic maintenance, like getting your nails done or your hair. Most women don’t take the time to document their life outside of marriage and motherhood. It’s such a shame! 

We believe it’s important to pamper yourself and do things for your soul. You deserve it. So, if you’re looking into boudoir, we have 5 powerful reasons why you should go for it!

 Top Reasons To Do A Boudoir Photo Shoot Just for You

Fighter Cancer Boudoir photos | Pompy Boudoir Photographer

To Celebrate Surviving

Life will throw you curveballs. When big health scares happen, you need to pause and let yourself experience all the emotions that come with it. You survived. You’re surviving. You are here. Many of our boudoir clients come to us after being diagnosed with major mental health scares or health scares, like cancer. We stand with them, ready to document their bodies before, during, and after. You are beautiful and worthy of showing up on camera no matter what stage of the journey you’re in. 

Want to meet some of our boudoir warriors? Meet Carmen and Lori, two cancer survivors who chose to turn their diagnosis into a reason to choose self-love.

birthday boudoir photo shoot Jacksonville, FL

Milestone Birthday Boudoir

Birthday milestones are our most fun sessions! Maybe you thought birthday celebrations stopped after 21, but they don’t have to. We have boudoir clients who come to us to celebrate turning 30, 40, 50, 60, and beyond. Heck, our team likes to do them every year because we’re those girls! Birthday boudoir photo shoots can be planned any way you like. Come with a cake, bring some bubbly, a crown – it’s your day! You’ll go through the same hair and makeup pamper session all our clients get before stepping in front of the lens. So, in reality, you not only treated yourself to a salon day, but you also gifted yourself a creative photoshoot. Can’t beat that!

Plus size boudoir photo shoot - weight loss journey jacksonville florida

Weight Loss & Body Confidence

As women, we deal with a lot of pressure to look a certain way. Body confidence is something that all of us constantly have to work on. Some of our boudoir babes come to us on a weight loss journey, looking to gain body confidence and self-love. Others aren’t on an outward transformation journey but need a little help with their confidence game. Well, that’s our specialty! We’re here to highlight your best self and empower you during your session. You’re going to feel strong and beautiful during your session, babe! We’ll have you laughing and enjoying yourself as we pose you, head to toe. Then when we sit down together to look at your photos, expect to see physical proof that you are the baddie you always knew you were. 

how to celebrate a divorce with boudoir

Celebrate Divorce

Have you heard of dress-burning parties after divorce? We’re all for them. But we also love a boudoir session to celebrate the close of one chapter and the start of the rest of your life. We’ve worked with many recently divorced women who choose to do a boudoir photo shoot. Some wear their wedding dresses and leave them at the studio (to be burned!). Others ditch the idea of making it all about the marriage and make it all about them. The show is about her, and her alone! However, you choose to deal with divorce, know we’re there to support you.

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To Feel Pampered

You know we couldn’t make this list without mentioning this! The biggest feedback we hear about our studio is how unexpectedly pampered clients feel. Every boudoir session starts with a complimentary, 90-minute hair and makeup session with our talented glam squad. It’s kind of our surprise gift to you.  You come in expecting to be posing the whole time and wind up having the best spa day ever! (#sorrynotsorry) We chose to include a glam session because too many women, when given the chance, don’t spoil themselves. And we are not having that! So, let us spoil you. All you have to do is let yourself be pampered

Boudoir Photo Shoots Spark A New Kind of Confidence

If you’re looking for one more reason, look in the mirror, babe! It’s you. You’re reason enough to do a photoshoot. No other reason is necessary. And that’s the thing…if we’re being honest with ourselves – the hair, the nails…that’s so we feel confident in front of others. That’s not just about us. A boudoir photoshoot is something you can do just for you. Whether you’re looking to feel confident in your skin or just because you deserve it. 

If you’re considering a session and you live in Jacksonville, Florida, get in touch! We’ll be happy to be your cheerleader while you finally do something for you.

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